Minions 2 Release Date, Voice Cast, and plot of the story

The upcoming film is produced by Illumination and the distributor of the movie is Universal Pictures. This movie is in continuation with Minions 2015. The film shooting was started in July 2017.

Release Date of Minions 2

After a lot of delays, the film is all set to hit the cinemas on JULY 1 2022. It was initially scheduled to release on July 2 2021 but because of covid19 restrictions, it got delayed.

Minions 2 Release Date, Voice Cast, and plot of the story
Minions 2 Release Date, Voice Cast, and plot of the story

Voice cast of Minions 2

Steve Carell will be seen in the voice of Gru and with him, Pierre Coffin will also return in the voice of Stuart, Bob, Otto, and other minions.

MINIONS 2 THE RISE OF GRU "Young Gru Singing" Trailer (NEW 2022)

The plot of MINIONS 2

This story revolves around young Gru. He went to a famous group of villains The vicious 6 in order to become a member. To prove himself in front of this group, one-day Gru decides to steal a precious stone with the help of his minions. However, doing this wasn’t easy at all.

After some time, Gru realized that he has become the enemy of the greatest evil of all time and decided to run with his follower minions.

In order to save himself and other minions, he then decided to take help from Wild Knuckles, the previous head off THE VICIOUS 6 whom at some point of time he wanted to replace. Gru then went on a mission to get everything he want no matter what.

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