Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 2 Release Date
Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 2 Release Date

‘Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 2’ Trailer proves that the story of He-man is still not come to an End. This He-Man of NETFLIX.

Is killing the screening fields with lots of controversy with the second half of the Masters of the Universe: Revelation series. 

It will be a Kevin Smith show that was announced. by some viewers about the death of the Adam/He-Man not only once but two times.

After that, the screen time of Adam is also given to Teela to prove that The He-man has been killed and he is not alive at all.

But the truth is something else that is entirely different from the Dead He-Man, And this will soon be seen on Netflix.

The false story of the death of Adam is very much plotted as a sort of forced instance of progressive politics.

This results in spoiling the originality of the classic childhood cartoons, As the accusations put on this drama. It is a dumb move and a very cliche strategy as that was in the first place.

Because this is not even the truth.  The new trailer for Part 2 of the series shows us the surprising plot that Adam is only not dead (we see him resurrected with magic), and he also has the power to become He-Man.

How silly of us to think that he has lost his sword to Skeletor.

This trailer is entirely focused on He-Man. But this is not called as a guarantee that he will have a lot more screen time than the first half, Maybe this time He-Man will be given more screen space than before Because its huge fandom is waiting for that only. The trailer seems to make it clear that yes, he’s very much s to be shown in the series,

A very important part of the story. the trailer has still attracted a fair amount of dislikes on YouTube handle, but the likes are much more than the thumb down.

This ratio is 14K to 3.7K ratio on 350,000 views. When we focus on the comments than some are accusing Netflix of spoiling its cliffhanger for part 1 (where Adam seemingly died) 

But it is very obvious that this move was made to prevent people accusing them of writing out the character of He-Man entirely from the first half… that’s why they show him dead in there.

Maybe this will be the version of having this. To have left Adam’s life as a mystery and they also want to avoid the He-Man character in the trailer at all, But definitely, the trailer has everything related to Adam only.

And this trailer completely has He-Man as its prime power character. This controversy is very annoying, but We can say that the second half of the show will be a little less dramatic than the first half. And it will just let us focus on this to remark as good creation or bad creation.

Taking all of this controversial dilemma on hold, I thought the first half was okay, but not very good. It is not that attractive to be remembered.

If we compare it to other animated stuff that was and had been offered by Netflix in the past, or a project like She-Ra, which was much more unique, Then, this will rank too low in the list.

But the second half is successful in making the audience excited for its actual showcase by releasing its trailer featuring one of the best favorite characters in the world of cartoons, ie. The He-Man.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 2 Release Date

And I believe the series isn’t going to continue like its past ventures. This story will be self-contained, But it’s too early to expect something, Let’s wait for its release, which is scheduled for 23 November 2021.

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While waiting, Go and watch the trailer to get more ideas about Netflix’s next showdown. That’s all for now, Stay updated with this website for more such information.

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