Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown | Explain 2021
What if Wallpaper and Images

Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown | Explain

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a bundle of movies. What if…? is technically based on an Avengers tie-in comic from 2012, Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week. One of the most awaited Marvel’s TV-Show What if is on air now. So read the full Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown of the film.

The age rating of the Marvel What if all Season is U/A 7+.

It starts with Nick Fury’s big wig and first we see Tony Stark enjoying himself and eating a donut, Nick Fury calls him down, and then Natasha injects lithium oxide but instead of controlling his disease it killed him, and Natasha is accused of his death Nick Fury believed that she wouldn’t do anything like this so he gave her the injection and said this is the shield protocol we need to follow this and ask her to investigate about this. 

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Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown starting 

Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 1 Breakdown | What if Age Rating (2021)
What if Wallpaper and Images

Then Nick Fury goes to New Mexico where Thor’s hammer landed, and there Thor is fighting everyone and moving towards his hammer, where Hawkeye is already in his position but as soon as he holds his hammer lighting strikes and arrow leaves barton’s hand and killed Thor, shield team arrests Hawkeye and lock him in a room. What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown is here.

Nick Fury and Colson arrive to communicate with him but they find him dead, then Colson says might this is a suicide so Fury says he got a family to look after he could die any other way but not suicide so look into this matter.

On the other hand, Black Widow meets Betty so that she can analyze and tell how did Tony die so she says that this chemical is alright but its opening is broken which can be done only by nanotechnology.

And then she gets a call from Nick Fury and tells her that all the members of avenger initiatives are dead only you and banner is left so, find him and go to a safe place, Natasha says I think I’ve found banner.

And suddenly Loki arrives in New Mexico with his army to take revenge for Thor’s death, but Nick Fury tells him that the one who killed your brother also killed our men once I find him I’ll give him to you, Loki gives him an estimate of tomorrow morning and then leaves.

Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown Middle

Till the time Nick Fury deals with Loki on the other hand banner takes care of Ross army but suddenly he explodes and dies after this Natasha uses Colson’s ID to find the evidence and she gets to know who’s behind all this, because one of the shield agents who was dead 2 years back, someone used her ID to check on shield avenger initiative, she understands everything and try to connect with Nick Fury.

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But suddenly someone attacks her because Nick Fury was busy the call turns into a voice mail, where her last words were its hope it’s all about hope when Nick Fury hear this message he can’t recognize anything and then Colson reminds him that only 4 hours are left until the estimated time ends, then Nick Fury leaves to active the pager which can help him call captain marvel, but then he remembers something and stand in front of destroyer and says to call upon Loki I’ve found the real culprit.

Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown and explain the full episode with every small detail. Full Middle and Ending explained is here.
Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown

Nick Fury goes to a cemetery where the grave named Hope Van Dyne resides, there comes the man Hank and says because of your hope died you took everything from me so I’ll take everything from you as well where he was talking about The Avengers initiative program, then he reveal everything, how he killed Tony stark then killed Hawkeye and then went into Hulk’s body and enlarged his heart because of which he died suddenly, and he killed Natasha so easily.

Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown Ending 

Nick Fury interrupts him and says I understand about these guys but why did you kill Thor, so he says I don’t only want to kill them but also ruin their reputation as avengers, after that, we can see  Nick Fury versus Hank, and Nick Fury easily handle him because in reality he was Loki, after handing Hank to Loki Nick Fury thought everything will be fine but everything went in the opposite direction because the next day Loki captures earth with the help of his Asgardian army and declares this in UA. What if Season 1 Episode 3 Breakdown ending.

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Nick Fury and Colson were praising all those who died in the avenger initiative program and says avenger was more than a team it was thinking that helped people in their bad times and let them out as heroes, and then Nick Fury leaves and then he lives at a place where captain America was buried and he says welcome back captain as in captain marvel who was standing right behind him and she says whom should we blow up first.

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