Even via fans don’t have much reason to carnival their favorite series approaching an end, for an enigma story like Manifest this is a good thing. Series finale blues aside, this means that, even though the show is equipping up for its final flight, the answers are also coming.

Manifest Season 4 will eventually put the final division of the enigma together and betray what really went down when flight 828 dematerializes and aground five years later as if nothing befell.

During today’s fan event Tudum, Netflix annoys what’s coming to the last period of Manifest. After revealing a teaser trailer almost a month ago, the burgee now followed up with a full trailer for the first part of Season 4.

The trailer commences with a short review of before seasons to get fans promoted up for the new episodes, as well as individual out some features of the series.

The biggest cabal point is, of course, the reality that Flight 828 abandoned mid-flight, and all arrival on board only ascertain they had been lost for five years when the aircraft landed in New York. Where were they? What didn’t they age? It’s finally time to discover what really befell during that time.

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Contracting up will be a big part of the new season since it jumps forward two years after the tragic circumstance of Season 3. The trailer also betrays that a major elaboration is coming to the final episodes of Season 4: The discovery of flight 828’s black box.

The object could hold answers to what really happened and finally put to rest theories developed both inside and outside the series about government cooperation, foreknowledge, and even alien theories. (Official Website: Netflix)

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