Meet the new cast of Through My Window: Across the Sea Netflix
Meet the new cast of Through My Window: Across the Sea Netflix

Through My Window’s appearance on Netflix on Feb. 4, and just a little over a week later, the burgee authorizes the film for not one but two including consequences. Now the ball has begun swirling on the first consequence, with Netflix giving it a conclusive title.

After the release of the first film, fans were left to covet more of Raquel and Ares’s love story. Auspiciously, Netflix acknowledges Through My Window‘s possibilities and admitted the fans’ wishes for additional repayment.

Of course, fans were ruffled to find out that their new favorite teen movie would be coming back. Now the moviemaking process has formally commenced, and we’re here to share with you anything we know so far about straight My Window: Across the Sea.

Through My Window: Across the Sea Release Date

There is not an authoritative liberation date for the consequences yet, and we are not anticipant Netflix to declare a release date any time soon. It is still very sooner in the moviemaking process, so it will be a while before we learn of one. Although, we are likely looking at a 2023 release.

More particularly, an early 2023 release. As the movie moves advances in the filmmaking process, will have an ameliorated idea of when correctly the teen movie could barge on Netflix.

Netflix affirms that Clara Galle and Julio Peña will be duplication their character as Raquel and Ares in the consequences. In addition, the burgee also confirmed the return of several fan-favorite abetment characters.

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It took about two months to shoot the first film, so we’re assumably looking at a similar time frame for the consequences. If filming for the consequence began this April, then we’re assumably looking at a wrap date someday in June. This is merely cogitated and handiwork could last longer than two months, particularly if there are any moratoriums.

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