Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ Rocks 10-Minute Standing Ovation Cannes
Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ Rocks 10-Minute Standing Ovation Cannes

The premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis was organized on Cannes Film Festival red carpet this evening. The audience greeted the premiere with explosive applause. By seeing the reaction of the crowd, it can be said that the crowd went crazy during the end credits on the Warner Bros title.

The audience started clapping in rhythm before the lights came up and remained standing for 10 minutes. This marks a record so far at the 2022 Cannes festival. After this reaction from the audience, emotional Luhrmann shared his views with the audience.

He said, “bit of an epiphany” as “30 years ago my wife and I made a little film called Strictly Ballroom”. While talking about the film, “That is the worst film I have ever seen, and you have ruined the career of Pat,” one exhibitor said.

What Baz Luhrmann said after he got 10-Minute Standing Ovation at Cannes

“We went up the coast and I had very long hair. We were staying in a trailer park, and I was saying, ‘This film thing is never really going to work out,’ so I started shaving my hair off and I got a call on the telephone and it was a Frenchman. … On the phone somebody said, ‘Hello, my name is Pierre Rissient, I am from the Cannes Film Festival, and we have seen your film and we would like to offer you a 12 o’clock screening at the Palais.’” Ultimately, Luhrmann and Strictly Ballroom “were in this Palais … and at the end of the performance, I remember a security guard came over and said, ‘Monsieur, from this moment on, your life will never be the same again.’ And it wasn’t.” added Baz Luhrmann. The movie will be distributed by Warner Bros Pictures in the U.S.A.

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