Lord Sheffield Bridgerton | Lord Sheffield in Bridgerton 2
Lord Sheffield Bridgerton | Lord Sheffield in Bridgerton 2

Lord Sheffield Bridgerton: Bridgerton is an American streaming tv period drama series originally released on December 25, 2020. Bridgerton is created by Chris Van Dusen and it is based on a famous book series by Julia Quinn.

Bridgerton has been rated TV-MA for the content shown in the series.

Lord Sheffield Bridgerton

Lord Sheffield is the father of Mary Sharma and the grandfather of Edwina Sharma. Lord Sheffield belongs to a royal family and wanted his daughter Mary to marry someone from a royal family. However, nothing goes as he wanted. His daughter fell in love with an Indian clerk who has a daughter named Kate and decided to marry him.

Lord Sheffield was not happy with her daughter’s decision and decided that he will not meet her ever again. The time passes, one day Mary’s step-daughter come to Lord Sheffield and asks him for some financial help. Lord Sheffield initially agrees to help her but denies it after some time. Lord Sheffield’s character is played by Anthony Head.

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Bridgerton tv-series is produced by Sarada McDermott, Holden Chang, and Sarah Dollard. Bridgerton has a running time of 57-72 minutes per episode and it is officially distributed by Netflix.

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