Lights Out Parents Guide (1)
Lights Out Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Lights Out Parents Guide: Lights Out is an Action and Thriller film directed by Christian Sesma and written by Chad Law and Garry Charles. It stars Dermot Mulroney, Scott Adkins, and Jaime King.

In this article, you will get information about the Lights Out Parents Guide, Lights Out Age Ratings, and other details about Lights Out.

Lights Out is about skills used in sturdy genre tropes in an interesting way that will be loved by the audiences.

TitleLights Out
Genre Action and Thriller
Director Christian Sesma
Released date February 16, 2024
Country United States
Language English
Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures
Lights Out Parents Guide
Lights Out Parents Guide
Lights Out Parents Guide Credit: IMDb

Lights Out Age Ratings

Lights Out is R-rated for the horror and blood shown in the film.

R ratings mean the film includes sexual violence, language, and nudity, which is not suitable for kids, and watching it leads to bad impacts on the kids.

I believe you should always follow the age ratings because you know that maturity differs from kid to kid.

Lights Out Parents Guide

Lights Out Parents Guide will guide you about the contents shown in the film. I believe you must go through the guidelines to make suitable decisions for your kid.


It shows Horror content as characters get scared throughout the film, and also, a girl suddenly gets jumpscared as a haunted face comes near her.


It shows there were characters who were fighting with each other, also they were shooting others and one injured character was shown.


It includes smoking, as several characters were smoking in the film, and one woman was shown holding a secret in her hands.

Parents Consideration

Consideration is very necessary as there are so many of those things that can have a bad impact on your kids. Go through it and read them carefully.

You must be careful while allowing your kid to watch Lights Out as it is full of jump scares and haunted content, which is unsuitable for kids with many of the characters who were fighting among each other.

It also includes bloody content, as there was a person who was injured, and some characters were shown smoking, which is injurious to health and not good for kids to watch.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about Lights Out.

What is the storyline?

Lights Out features an ex-soldier who changes himself to an underground fighter by taking help from ex-con and hiring killers.

When is the release?

Lights Out will premiere on Destination Films on February 16, 2024, on Warner Bros. Picture.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Dermot Mulroney as Sage Parker, Jaime King performing as Detective Ellen Ridgway, Mekhi Phifer will perform Max Bomer, Amaury Nolasco as Fosco, and JuJu Chan Szeto will play Lynx.

Along with Donald Cerrone as Carter, Justin Furstenfeld as Stan ‘The Man’ Lazare, Robert Laenen as Ford, Anthony C Garcia as Enemy Soldier, Scott Adkins as Don ‘The Reaper’ Richter, and Frank Grillo as Michael ‘Duffy’ Duffield.

Also, it has Kevin Gage as Poe, Erica Peeples as Rachel Bomer, Jessica Medina as Valentina, Paul Sloan as Detective Kincaid, Mary Christina Brown as Blankenbaker, Bryan McGowan as Biker, and Tyler Wombles as Fighter.


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Lights Out Parents Guide


Lights Out Parents Guide: Lights Out is R-rated for the horror content, and those who are underage should not watch it. It will be very fun for those who like horror films, and they can enjoy it.

After reading our article, you must be clear about allowing your kid to watch Lights Out or not, as all the necessary information regarding Lights Out has been given.

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