Life & Beth is a comedy television series created by Amy Schumer. It is a semi-autobiographical series produced by Endeavor Content, Irony Point Distributed by Disney+, Hulu.

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Life & Beth Parents Guide and Age Rating
Life & Beth Parents Guide and Age Rating
Series NameLife & Beth
Created byAmy Schumer
Release Date16 Feb (Season 2)
Distributor Disney, Hulu

Life & Beth Official Synopsis

The story is about  Beth, a woman whose life seems terrific on paper. Living in Manhattan, she makes a good living as a wine distributor; she’s in a relationship with a successful guy, but a sudden incident forces Beth to change her life forever.

She realized who she was, what she had become now, and what she wanted to become.

Life & Beth Age Rating

Life & Beth is rated TV-MA as the series contains sexual content, violence, and mature language.

TV-MA rating indicates that the series is intended to be viewed by the mature audience only and is not suitable for kids below the age 16.

Life & Beth Parents Guide

  • There is sexual content, and some nudity is seen.
  • Alcohol and drugs are shown in the series. In some scenes, people are drinking.
  • There are some intense violent scenes in the series.
  • Mature language is spoken.

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Life & Beth Parents Guide and Age Rating
Life & Beth Parents Guide and Age Rating

 Who is in the cast of Life & Beth?

  • Amy Schumer as Beth
  • Yamaneika Saunders as Kiana
  • Michael Rapaport as Leonard
  • Grace Power as Young Liz
  • Kevin Kane as Matt
  • Susannah Flood as Ann
  • Lavar Walker as Lavar
  • Giovanni Lopes as Cesar
  • Arielle Siegel as Jen
  • Lily Fisher as Young Ann
  • Rosebud Baker as Meri
  • Gary Gulman as Shlomo

Life & Beth Official Trailer

Life & Beth Official Trailer | Hulu

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