Lexi Euphoria: Alexis/Lexi Howard is one of the most important characters in Euphoria Season 1 and Season 2 respectively. The character of Lexi is presented beautifully by Maude Apatow. It can be said that Maude has done a great job in taking Euphoria to a different level.

In the movie, Lexi is the younger sister of Cassie and also Rue’s childhood friend. Lexi is always seen helping Rue as much as she could to get Rue out of all the struggles of her life.

Lexi Euphoria 2022
Lexi Euphoria 2022
Name Alexis Howard
Nick Name Lexi
DOB 2001 (approx)
Gender Female
Age 17 years
Height 5 ft 4 in
Partner Fezco (in love with)
Occupation High School Student
Mother Suze Howard
Father Gus Howard
Sibling 1 older sister
Actor (who played this character)  Maude Apatow

Lexi Euphoria | Early Life

In Euphoria, Lexi is the second daughter of Gus and Suze Howard. She has one older sister named Cassie. In her childhood, Lexi is always seen unhappy with the fact that her parents pay more attention to Cassie. She is not happy with the way how her parents used to put aside her and give everything best to Cassie.

In her pre-school, Cassie become friends with Rue Bennet and started spending much of her time with Rue. They become best friends in no time. However, their bond started getting weaken as Rue’s drug use started getting out of control. Lexi tried her best to help Rue but she clearly denied it. {Source: Google}

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