Lee Daniels and Monique decided to forgive each other and start fresh. The fight between Lee Daniels and Monique has been in news for quite a long time. However, now they have decided to forget all those things that happened in past and come on the same page.

Information about Lee Daniels and Monique

Lee Daniels is an American director-producer and screenwriter. He started his career in production in the year 2001 with Monster’s ball. Lee Daniels was born on December 24, 1959, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

On the other hand, Monique is an American comedian and actress. She gained popularity after working as a stand-up comedian in The Queen of Comedy. Her full name is Monique Angela Hicks and is was born on December 11, 1967, in Baltimore County, Maryland.

The reason behind the differences between Lee Daniels and Monique

Lee Daniels and Monique were quite famous for their friendship. Monique once accepted that she even agreed to a minimal payday to work in Daniel’s drama “Precious”. Their friendship was the talk of the talk at that time. However, the sudden breakdown of their friendship is very unexpected to everyone.

It is believed that their differences started from the promotional events of Precious. Monique said that it all started after she refused to do international press for Precious.

Also, at an awards function, Monique failed to acknowledge Lee Daniels in her Awards acceptance speech. This is also one of the reasons behind their difference. However, they are now ready to forget all those things that happened in the past and wanted to give each other one more time. They are currently shooting for an upcoming project together. {Source: Google.com}

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