Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide | 2021 Film Age Rating
Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide | 2021 Film Age Rating

Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide

Lawrence: After Arabia is an upcoming American drama film written, directed, and co-produced by Mark J.T. Griffin.

The film is distributed by Renderyard, Gryffyn Productions. However, the production company is Gryffyn Productions.

Lawrence After Arabia Age Rating

The movie Lawrence: After Arabia is rated 12A for Some Violence and Language Throughout.

12A – Some shown content in the film may be inappropriate for children under the age of 12.

Film Lawrence: After Arabia Release date

The movie Lawrence: After Arabia is scheduled to be released on 09 October 2021 (UK).

Official Poster and Details

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Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide | 2021 Film Age Rating
Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide | 2021 Film Age Rating

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Movie Name Lawrence: After Arabia
Genre Drama
Age Rating 12A
Release date 09 October 2021
Directed by Mark J.T. Griffin
Official Website Lawrence The Movie


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Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide

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The movie contains some violence.
Brief Smoking is present in the film.
Language Throughout, words used, “He*l”, “Damn”.
A guy met with an accident on a motorcycle.


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Film Lawrence: After Arabia Overview

This movie tells the story of the last years of the life of the 20th-century hero, T.E. Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia who lived at Cloud’s Hill, his simple cottage near Bovington in Dorset where he spent years escaping the “Lawrence of Arabia” and hero epithets by using pseudonyms and changing his name.
He still had strong ties with his Arab friends, was building bridges with Mosely and the Blackshirts, and was also be prepared for a leadership position in the Secret Service. In common with many other soldiers, he suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
His uncompromising and direct manner and beliefs created many powerful and influential enemies. The screenplay is a British period drama and a character study of a man that uses extracts from letters and other contemporaneous documents from the period to reconstruct the final years of Lawrence’s life.
[Source: Mark J.T. Griffin]

Lawrence: After Arabia Wallpaper and Images

Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide | 2021 Film Age Rating
Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide | 2021 Film Age Rating

Lawrence: After Arabia Official Trailer

Lawrence: After Arabia - Trailer - November 2019 - Annihilate

Film Lawrence: After Arabia Cast

  • Brian Cox as Epilogue
  • Hugh Fraser as Lord Allenby
  • Michael Maloney as George Brough
  • Hattie Gotobed as Marjorie Negus
  • Nicole Ansari-Cox as Sarah Lawrence
  • Chris Wilson as Agent Ridley
  • Tim Faraday as Major Ralph Neville Jones
  • Jason Salkey as Agent Black
  • Tom Barber-Duffy as T.E. Lawrence
  • Nicole Faraday as Molly Parsons
  • Colin Blyth as Agent Scott
  • Laurent C. Lucas as King Faisal
  • Mark J.T. Griffin as Agent Black
  • Kevin Hudson as Arthur Russell
  • Rad Brown as Col. Stewart Newcombe
  • John Capel as Sir Ronald Storrs
  • Robin Lee as William Bradbury
  • Guillaume Rivaud as Jean Renard
  • Sandra Capel as Funeral Guest
  • Matthew Dale as Eric Kennington
  • Debbie Tarrier as Lady Astor
  • Rick Savery as Richard Crichton
  • Russell Biles as Vernon Walegrave Kell
  • Mervyn Stutter as The Curator
  • Jim Ruel as Pat Knowles
  • Celia Muir as Florence Hardy
  • Gina Bee as Inquests crowd
  • William Bishop as Young Lawrence
  • Derek Herbert as Winston Churchill
  • Chris Gallarus as Sergeant Legg
  • Jon Ian Dredge as Soldier
  • Wayne Ferguson as Photographer
  • Dan Avery as William Potter
  • Archie Rowell as Soldier Witness
  • Finbar McLuckie as Albert Hargraves
  • Alison Payton as Nurse Mansell
  • Roy Restell as Inquest Crowd
  • Alan Mash as Peter Preston

Lawrence After Arabia Age Rating and Lawrence After Arabia Parents Guide

Know about Lawrence: After Arabia Parents Guide. Why Lawrence: After Arabia received this age rating? Read the complete information here about Lawrence: After Arabia age ratings in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas.

The film Lawrence: After Arabia is rated 12A in the United Kingdom.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system),  BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

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