Kendall Jenner has released her first Tiktok video

Kendell Jenner has uploaded her first Tiktok video on Sunday, February 6. In the video, we can see Kendell Jenner snowboarding from a mountain and trying to land a jump. However, unfortunately, she fails to do so and lands face-first.

Kendall Jenner has released her first Tiktok video
Kendall Jenner has released her first Tiktok video

Kendall Jenner is built as an athlete

In the video, she used an audio clip from “Keeping up with Kardashians” in which we can hear her telling her sisters, “I’m literally built as an athlete. Every blood test I’ve ever done has said that I am, like, over the normal limit of athletic-ness.”

Kendall Jenner and some more things about her first TikTok video

By seeing the video it looks like Kendell Jenner is trying to poke fun at her own. In the video, she repeated her downfall two times in slow motion and used “It’s giving ‘pick me’ vibes” to caption the video. This video instantly grabbed the attention of the audience and the audience linked it with the Urban Dictionary definition of “pick me” which means “who goes out of their way to impress boys.”

@kendalljennerit’s giving ‘pick me’ vibes♬ original sound – E! Entertainment

Official tiktok account of Kendell Jenner: @kendalljenner

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