Kate Sharma Bridgerton- Kate Sharma Bridgerton is the wife of Anthony Bridgerton. Her own parents were dead, but Lady Mary raise her as her own daughter.

She lived her whole life in India before coming to England with her sister. Kate and Lady Mary raised Edwina together to become a beautiful lady.

Kate Sharma Bridgerton

They Newly arrived in London, Kate is a smart, headstrong young woman. Her sharp and independent nature makes her a singular force on the 1814 marriage mart, where she hopes to find a true love match for her younger sister Edwina.

While she was at a marriage mart, she believes that she is too old to find herself a husband and uses all her energy to find a love match for her sister.

Kate falls in love with Anthony. Anthony tells Edwina that he cannot ever love her. Kate sharma character was played by Simone Ashley.

This all changes when Kate is in a carriage accident. Anthony believes that she is dying, he confesses his love for her. Kate and Anthony get married and live happily ever after.

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