Kanye West on a date with Chaney Jones after The Kardashians Premier

The rapper Kanye West and his latest girlfriend Chaney Jones were spotted grabbing dinner at the Malibu eatery, Nobu, along with model Shannade Clermont.

Kanye West and Chaney Jones had a lovely date night on Thursday, April 14. The pair were seen with model Shannade Clermont in one of the first public sightings after the rapper’s controversy against his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Both were in black outfits for the dinner date.

Kanye West enjoyed date night with Chaney Jones

Chaney looked beautiful in her long hair flowing. She was wearing a black one-piece bodysuit with a silver bag. She completed her outfit with some black high-heeled boots. The Rapper wore a black hoodie, pulled up over his face with a baseball cap.

He was wearing gray sweatpants. Their dining-mate Shannade sported an olive green outfit with a tank top and matching leggings.

The dinner date came just days after Kanye West and Chaney had a romantic getaway in Utah. The two were having a sweet vacation together.

The couple visits Nobu the same day when the new reality series The Kardashians arrived on Hulu. Kanye’s ex Kim speaks briefly about Chaney and her ex-husband’s new relationship on an episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

Kim revealed that she only wants Kanye to be happy and she had kind things to say about Chaney. She Said “She seems like the sweetest like, I’m just whatever just makes you happy, I don’t care what it is. I think it will reflect in your life, in your work, everything as long as he’s happy, I genuinely want that truly”

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  1. Listen comments are made for speculating we want from our lives to include the famous people that we are drawn to in life Kanye and Kim are recently separated and immediately have a certain other what really goes we may never know one thing I’s for sure relationships are hard . Imagine being famous in a relationship ughhhhh….

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