Juju Smith-Schuster Age, Height, Biography 2020, Wiki
Juju Smith-Schuster Age, Height, Biography 2020, Wiki (Credit: Getty Images)

Juju Smith-Schuster Age, Height, Biography 2020, Wiki, Net Worth

He is the king in the world of sports, which sports?? We will get to know in this article, Just keep scrolling…

Who is Juju Smith-Schuster?

His full name is John Sherman Smith Schuster, and he is popularly known as juju Smith. He is a very famous name among the “football” Fans, He is a football player with a very Successful playing history…

Juju is an American footballer from Pittsburgh Steelers who has represented this team in “The National Football League”, Who is (NFL) by the way. He played for the “Southern California University” when he was in college.

Real name John Sherman
Nickname His aunt gave him the nickname “juju”
Date of Birth 22nd of November, 1996
Birthplace Long Beach, California
Nationality African American citizen
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 215 lb (98 kg)
Career history Pittsburgh Steelers (2017–present)
Martial Status Unmarried
Mother Name Sammy Toa

At that time, “Steve Sarkisian” acted as his coach, and from there, his football career started. Then the ‘Pittsburgh Steelers’ opted for him. In 2017, “NFL draft and selected him as their youngest player of the season. He had a fantastic debut season, in which he is their ‘Wide receiver’.

He also made few mind-blowing football records; in a brief period of his career, he became a trendy name as a footballer.
He is known as the most sought-after young talent of this game…

Juju Smith-Schuster School and College Life:

Juju Smith first started his football career from his school days. He played at “long Beach polytechnic high school” In long Beach. During his institution period, he also played so well and became a receiver for the ‘jackrabbit team’ during his institution period.

After that, he joined the college football team after joining “the university of southern California”,
He has regarded as the most promising young footballer of all time.

He learned a lot about the tricks and techniques from his coach, “Steeve Sarkisian “, and his coach was a former Atlanta Falcons player.

He has had extraordinary football sessions in both his school and college days. He has registered four receptions even in his debut game at college. He has recorded 54 receptions in just 13 matches in his debut season, followed by around 89 receptions in 14 games of the second season. He has a record of 1454 yards of receptions with an average of 16.3 yards p/r He did a remarkable performance even in the third season too.

Juju Smith-Schuster Carrier Progress :

After giving an impressive performance in his college, he took a considerable foot and joined “NFL”, And from there, he started his professional career as a footballer. He first joined the NFL draft and then was invited to the combine, in which he performed spectacularly. He has worked with ‘Dallas cowboys’ too, as a private workout. “Sports magazine and” ESPN ” Rated him as the fourth-best wide receiver of the NFL draft of 2017.

He is also a very high-rated footballer in the opinion of football analyst “Melvin Adam”. After all of that, “The Pittsburgh Steelers” offered him a four-year contract worth 19 million sign-in amount and 1.19 million bonus and around 1.84 million of salary. Smith Schuster kick’s of his carrier graph after his team win in the first match because of his outstanding performance, and he has become the youngest player to score that well. Recently, he has become the fastest player in terms of his matches taken, to complete 1,500 career yards for the Steelers Club. 

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Juju Smith-Schuster family and his personal life:

His sister is “So’Oialo”…His father left the family alone when he was just a kid, and after that, he had adopted by his Step-father, is “Lawrence Schuster”, And he has made a whole different life for Smith and loved him unconditionally, And Smith returned the love to his father as he officially added his surname to his name, immediately after turning 18, His stepfather taught him a lot about life and changed his life completely.

One more acknowledging fact about him is that his aunt gave him the nickname “juju”, and he accepted the name wholeheartedly, as he is a very caring and loving human being.

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