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Johnny Test

Johnny Test Rated TV-Y7

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Johnny Test
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What is the Johnny Test age rating | Johnny Test Parents Guide

Read about Johnny Test Parents Guide. However, the Johnny Test age rating is TV-Y7 because the series Contains some crude humor, and some episodes are rated TV-Y7-FV which means programming with fantasy violence that may be more intense or more combative than another programming in the TV-Y7 category.

TV-Y7 Rating Meaning

TV-Y7 rated programs most appropriate for children age 7 and up.

The board provides the information of the content shown in the series so that you can decide that the show is appropriate for your children or not.

Johnny Test Parents Guide

Why is Johnny Test series Rated TV-Y7?

  • There is no sexual content and Nudity in the cartoon series Johnny Test.
  • No use of profanity, however words like stupid, idiot are used throughout.
  • There is no blood content in the series but some violence is a part of the series which is very mild.
  • Johnny Test farts fire and I found it very Funny.
  • Scientific experiments throughout the series.
  • No use of alcohol, smoking, and other drugs.

Official Poster and Details

Johnny Test Series

Johnny Test Parents Guide | TV Series Johnny Test Age Rating
Johnny Test Parents Guide | TV Series Johnny Test Age Rating
Series Name Johnny Test
Genre Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Comedy,
Age Rating  TV-Y7
Created by Scott Fellows
Episodes 126
Season 7
Runtime/ episode 23-30 minutes
Distributed by  Warner Bros. Television Distribution, Netflix
Official website
Johnny Test Season 7 is scheduled to premier on 16 July 2021 on Netflix.

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