Isa Briones Taking Exit from 'Star Trek: Picard', Not Returning for Season 3
Isa Briones Taking Exit from 'Star Trek: Picard',

The cast member of Star Trek: Picard Isa Briones has confirmed that she won’t be returning for Season 3. Isa Briones was in the role of android Soji in the first season and genetically modified Kore in Season 2.

She Became the Fourth Actor who Not Returning for Season 3. She confirmed her exit in an Instagram post, saying “Farewell Soji, this orchid is for you.”

Another cast member that takes an exit from the show is Evan Evagora, his character, Elnor was killed in the first episode of Season 2 and his character was shown absent since the season finale in which he was revived.

Evagora has also confirmed his exit via Instagram, he wrote “I won’t be back for the third season of Picard, so to quote a mediocre band “thanks for the memories” y’all know the rest! LLAP,”

Before Evagora, Santiago Cabrera and Alison Pill had left the show. Cabrera was in the role of captain Cristóbal Rios. She found love in 2024 and received an emotional send-off in the season finale. 

Pill’s exit from the show was more shocking as Jurati spent several episodes evolving into the new Borg Queen. Her absence in Season 3 won’t be easy to explain. (Star Trek: Picard)

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