Io Capitano Parents Guide (1)
Io Capitano Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Io Capitano Parents Guide: Io Capitano is a 2024 Drama film directed by Matteo Garrone and written by Matteo Garrone, Massimo Ceccherini, and Massimo Gaudioso starring Seydou Sarr, Moustapha Fall, and Isaka Sawadogo in the main lead.

It is co-produced by Joseph Rouschop and Ardavan Safaee and produced by Matteo Garrone and Paolo Del Brocco.

In this article, you will get information about the Io Capitano Parents Guide, Io Capitano Age Ratings, and other details about Io Capitano.

TitleIo Capitano
DirectorMatteo Garrone
Released date February 23, 2024
CountryItaly, Belgium, France
Language Wolof, French
DistributorCohen Media Group
Io Capitano Parents Guide
Io Capitano Parents Guide
Io Capitano Parents Guide

Io Capitano Age Ratings

Io Capitano is not officially rated but not suitable for kids under 13 for the violence and consumption of Alcohol. We will update you soon about it.

Age Ratings helps you to know about the contents shown in the series in which way so that you can decide which series is suitable for which age groups and which age groups should not watch it.

It is very important to know about the age ratings as these are and for you because the maturity levels of all kids are different.

Io Capitano Parents Guide

Io Capitano Parents Guide will guide you about the contents shown in the film so you can make the right decision for your kid.

From my point of view, you should always go for the reviews of the film as this will let you know the contents of the film.


It includes violence in the film as there are the characters shown in the movie who are fighting with each other and also using guns to shoot others.

Consumption of Alcohol

It includes the consumption of Alcohol, as there were characters shown in the film drinking Alcohol in groups and holding glasses which was filled with Alcohol.

Parents Consideration

You should remember that film includes violence and Consumption of Alcohol, which can negatively impact the kids when they watch. You must take care of the things mentioned above as kids are too young to understand all these things.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about Io Capitano.

What is the storyline?

It features fairy tales showing the journey of two young boys named Seydou and Moussa and how they both reach Europe from Dakar.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Seydou Sarr as Seydou, Issaka Sawadogo as Martin, Doodou Sagna as Charlatan, Venus Gueye as Sorellina di Seydou, Joe Lassana as Passport man, Bamar Kane as Bouba, and Flaure B.B. Kabore as Donna incinta.

Along with Observateur Ebène as Connection man, Adbellah Elbkiri as Compratore libico, Moustapha Fall as Moussa, Hichem Yacoubi as Ahmed, Ndeye Khady Sy as Madre di Seydou, and Oumar Diaw as Sisko.

You will also find Mamadou Sani as Poliziotto di frontiera, Beatrice Gnonko as Donna nel deserto, Affif Ben Badra as Autista pickup, Jackie Zappa as Middle man, and Bidar Abdelahad as Poliziotto in the series.

When and where to watch?

Io Capitano will be premiered on February 23, 2024, on Cohen Media Group. After that, you can enjoy it with your friends and family.


Io Capitano - Official Trailer in HD
Io Capitano Parents Guide


Io Capitano Parents Guide: Io Capitano is not officially rated yet, and the article’s other details regarding Io Capitano have been given above.

Our main aim in writing the article is to let you know about the contents which have been shown in the film so that you can better decide whether kids should be allowed to watch or not.

Io Capitano
Io Capitano Parents Guide 1

Director: Matteo Garrone

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