Choir Parents Guide (1)
Choir Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Choir Parents Guide: Choir is a documentary and music film directed by Rudy Valdez, casting Detroit Youth Choir in the lead role and showing the story.

It is executive produced by Sara Bernstein, Jason Blum, Ross M. Dinerstein, Jeremy Gold, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Chris McCumber, Ryan Miller, Gretchen Palek, Michael Seitzman, Rudy Valdez, and Justin Wilkes.

In that article, you will get information about the Choir Parents Guide, Choir Age Ratings, and other details about the Choir.

Title Choir
Genre Documentary and Music
Director Rudy Valdez
Released date January 31, 2024
CountryUnited States
Choir Parents Guide
Choir Parents Guide
Choir Parents Guide Credit: IMDb

Choir Parents Guide and Age Ratings

The choir is TV-Y7 rated, meaning the film is suitable for kids above 7, and those under seven must not watch it without their parent’s permission.

TV-Y7 ratings are given to those films that include content more suitable for kids who have acquired the developmental stage, which could distinguish between reality and make a reality.

Age Ratings are given according to the film’s contents because the different kids’ maturity levels are different. You should always go through the age rating as these are made for your convenience.

In the film, you will see how the people are practicing for their performance so that they can win and getting instructed by the mentor Detroit Youth Choir.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about the Choir.

What is the storyline?

It features the story of a teacher, mentor, and father, Detroit Youth Choir, who has empowered more than 1000 kids with his music for more than two decades, which led to the rise of “America’s Got Talent,” preparing all the kids.

When is the release?

The Choir will be premiered on January 31, 2024, on Disney+. After that, you can enjoy it with your family and friends.


Choir | Official Trailer | Disney+
Choir Parents Guide


Choir Parents Guide: The Choir is 7+ rated, and the other information regarding the Choir has been given above in the article so that you can better decide whether the Choir should be watched by the kids or not.

Our main aim of writing is to make you inform about the reviews of the film so that you can properly guide your kid.

Choir Parents Guide 1

Director: Rudy Valdez

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