Inuyasha: The Final Act Parents guide

Inuyasha: The Final Act is an action, adventure, comedy animated tv series produced by Aniplex, YTV, and is based on the last twenty-one volumes of the Inuyasha manga series by Rumiko Takahashi. The Production Companies of Inuyasha: The Final Act is Sunrise and distributed by Animax. Inuyasha: The Final Act, began broadcasting in the United States and Canada on Viz Media’s online network, Neon Alley, on October 2, 2012.

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Inuyasha: The Final Act Parents guide And Age Rating | 2009-2010
Inuyasha: The Final Act Parents guide And Age Rating | 2009-2010

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Series Name Inuyasha: The Final Act
Original Name 犬夜叉 完結編
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Animated
Creator Rumiko Takahashi
Release Date October 3, 2009
Season 7
Episode 26
Runtime 24 minute
Official website Animax

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Inuyasha: The Final Act Official Synopsis

Thwarted again by Naraku, Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi, and their friends must continue their hunt for the few remaining Shikon Jewel shards, lest they fully form into a corrupted jewel at the hands of Naraku. But Naraku has plans of his own to acquire them and will destroy anyone and anything standing in his way even his own underlings.

The persistent, unyielding danger posed by Naraku forces Sango and Miroku to decide what is most important to them or their duty in battle. Meanwhile, Inuyasha must decide whether his heart lies with Kikyou or Kagome before fate decides for him. Amid the race to find the shards, Inuyasha and his brother Sesshoumaru must also resolve their feud and cooperate for their final confrontation with Naraku, as it is a battle they must win in order to put a stop to his evil and cruelty once and for all.

Inuyasha: The Final Act Parents guide and Age Rating

Inuyasha: The Final Act Age Rating

Inuyasha: The Final Act has been rated TV-14 for the content shown in the series.

Program rated TV-14 means Parents need to be Strongly Cautioned because TV-14 rated programs may contain some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.

Why is Inuyasha: The Final Act is TV-14 rated?

  • Some mild sexual content is shown in the series.
  • In one of the scenes, a drunk old demon tried to look up a girl’s skeet.
  • Moderate violent scenes are there in the movie.
  • Supernatural action violence is in the series.
  • Use of profanity by the characters.
  • Words like, hell, damn, bastard, ass is spoken by the characters.
  • Consumption of alcohol done by the old man in the series.

Inuyasha: The Final Act Wallpaper and Images

Inuyasha: The Final Act Parents guide And Age Rating | 2009-2010
Inuyasha: The Final Act Parents guide And Age Rating | 2009-2010

 Who is in the voice cast of Inuyasha: The Final Act?

  • Satsuki Yukino as Kagome Higurashi
  • Kumiko Watanabe as Shippo…
  • Kôji Tsujitani as Miroku
  • Houko Kuwashima as Sango
  • Kelly Sheridan as Sango
  • Kirby Morrow as Miroku
  • Richard Ian Cox as Inuyasha
  • Kira Tozer as Kagome Higurash
  • Jillian Michaels as Shippo…
  • Paul Dobson as Naraku…
  • Don Brown as Jaken…
  • Ken Narita as Sesshômaru
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Naraku
  • Michael Daingerfield as Sesshomaru
  • Aidan Drummond as Kohaku
  • Akiko Yajima as Kohaku
  • Chô as Jaken

Inuyasha: The Final Act Official Trailer

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