‘INU-OH’ Musical Anime North American Release Date: It is produced and animated by Science SARU together with Asmik Ace. The rock-opera animated musical revolves around the 14th century Noh performer, Inu-oh who develops a friendship with a blind biwa player named, Tomona. Inu-oh belongs to an esteemed family.

INU-OH Musical Anime North American Release Date

INU-OH is expected to release theatrically in North America this August. This announcement is made by the New York-based producer and distributor, GKIDS.

In this film, it is shown that Inu-oh has to keep every part of his body covered because of an old curse that he has faced since he was a child. Inu-oh was living a below-average life because of this curse.

However, everything changes when he met Tomona, who is haunted by his past, Inu-oh got to know about his gift for dancing and performing. After spending some time together, Inu-oh and Tomona decided to make a partnership that will be beneficial for both of them. They made this decision after seeing the crowd coming to see them perform. This film is distributed by Asmik Ace Aniplex. This is all about INU-OH Musical Anime North American Release Date.

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