Impact Winter Parents Guide and age rating (The Faithful Book 2)
Impact Winter Parents Guide and age rating (The Faithful Book 2)

Impact Winter Parents Guide and Age Rating

Impact Winter is a scary sci-fi novel written by S.M. Freedman, This is a sequel to The faithful, the first book of the series. “Impact Winter” picks up where S.M. Freedman’s first book, “The Faithful” left off.

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Book Impact Winter
Author S.M. Freedman
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance
Age Rating 15+
Language English
Date of Publication July 1st, 2016
No. of Page 426
Publisher Soaring Raven Press


Impact Winter Age Rating

Impact Winter is suitable for the ages of 15 for sex and sexual assault.

Impact Winter Parents Guide

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More of the time in this book someone is being raped or having sex.
On every other page, someone is being raped or having sex.
It was 98% sex and 2% action and tension.
A sexual relationship between a lesbian couple
Surviving mass destruction from an evil entity and still moving on against all odds and sacrificing for those you love.


Impact Winter Official Summary

The Explosive Sequel to the International Bestseller, THE FAITHFUL.

For decades, I Fidele’s soulless leaders kidnapped psychic children and sharpened their gifts into weapons used to reshape humanity. Ryanne Jervis was one such child, but she learned the truth too late to stop I Fidele from implementing the first part of their plan: Global destruction and the incineration of millions of innocent lives.

Now the impact winter has come, cloaking the earth in smoke, cold—and silence. Isolated on a compound in the mountains of Colorado, Ryanne is haunted by visions of the second phase of I Fidele’s new world order: The round-up and brutal internment of all survivors. Seeking absolution for their part in the fall of humanity, and determined to save those who remain, Ryanne’s small group of Blasphemare must turn I Fidele’s most prized weapon—their own children—against them.

Impact Winter Trailer

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