Hulk #1: Immortal Hulk literally reinvented the Hulk | 2021
Hulk #1: Immortal Hulk literally reinvented the Hulk | 2021

Marvel announced the follow-up to IMMORTAL HULK. The new trailer of Hulk is showing that a new terror is ready to begin. Donny Cates because of Venom, Thor, and Ryan Ottley because of Amazing Spider-Man’s Hulk.

The award-winning duo of Al Ewing and Joe Bennet are presented here in the creative team of this Hulk, and they wrapped up their Immortal Hulk run quite recently, and that too with Issue ’50.’

This new trailer from Marvel’s that is created to announce the relaunched Hulk #1 briefly explain how the Jade Giant is “Immortal No More,” and along with that, we will see some glimpses of reinvention of the gamma-radiated superhero too that features kinetic panels from a colorist Frank Martin and Ottley.

Marvel’s Hulk trailer is kicking off with the thrill of a massive mystery structure that is created on a vacant plotline of previous works of this franchise, and it is very barren terrain, according to the first trailer. Just when Hulk’s rampages started going viral across the globe.

From there, the phrase appeared as “Our heroes can’t contain him.” We then see members of the other superhero Cult such as Avengers, Fantastic Four, Falcon, and Spider-Man come together for their meeting, possibly to decide how to solve the latest on-list Hulk issues.

There is another mention in the trailer, and that is, “The military can’t kill him. But Bruce Banner knows what to do… reinvent the Hulk.” After wearing a technological suit Hulk begins to go on a rampage even against An Iron Man Hulkbuster.

Iron man is a Gem seen in the other scenes of the trailer, But this time, he is larger than ever. Then the robot appears, having the dark greyish impression, and then in the trailer, the machine seems to be attached with a warehouse wall and a long ladder that connects to its chest, and with the Hulk walking up to it, this scene stops.

Then the trailer shows us that some bottle is coming from the chest of the Iron Man robot. And then the glimpses of the Battle between Hulk and with M.O.D.O.K and A.I.M appears on the screen.

A Marvel statement claimed that Bruce Banner is discovering a radical way to control the monster within.”

A preview of the series was included in Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/Hulk #1, which saw the confrontation of Hulk or M.O.D.O.K.

This time the look of Hulk is much more fashionably designed, According to the superhero supervillain plot.

Hulk #1 is launched, written by Donny Cates, and covered by Ryan Ottley, and Frank Martin, it is scheduled for sale from November 24, 2021.

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