How accurate is The Girl from Plainville- The Girl From Plainville is a biography crime series based on an Esquire article by Jesse Barron of the same name. 

The production company of this series is Happy Friday Productions, Lewellen Pictures, Echo Lake Entertainment, Littleton Road Productions, and UCP, distributed by Hulu.

The Girl From Plainville age rating is TV-MA for language.

How accurate is The Girl from Plainville

The Girl from Plainville is a true story-based series. It’s one of the most shocking true crime stories of the digital age.

This series focuses on Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy’s relationship previous to his death. It gives Carter more backstory to focus on the criminal case and it brings more humanity to her character.

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The series portrays the basic facts behind the case correctly. But according to reports, there is some exaggeration. In the real-life trial in 2017, Assistant District Attorney Maryclare Flynn said Carter may have wanted attention and sympathy for Roy’s death.

But in the show, viewers can see this with Elle Fanning rehearsing speeches about grief and walking away from friends after the conversation turns away from Roy.

The show portrays Roy as mad in his video diaries. How accurate is The Girl from Plainville He didn’t appear this way in his real-life video diaries.

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