Film 'Hounds of War' currently in post-production Acquired by XYZ Films
Film 'Hounds of War' currently in post-production Acquired by XYZ Films

Director Isaac Florentine’s upcoming action film sales right has been acquired by XYZ. The film is currently in post-production, the film is produced by Jean Pierre Magro he is the one who has penned the script of the film.

Hounds of War focused on Frank Grillo plays Ryder who is a team member of mercenaries and is known for being the best of the best at what they do. They have been behind the incident that triggered a war between two groups. One day their head made a plan to get rid of them after that Ryder was the only member who survived. Now he is on to taking revenge and will not let anything come in his way of avenging his fallen comrades.

Hounds of War Cast

Other producers of the film include Vadim Fortunin, Vladimir Chistiakov, Alex Meets, Aaron Briffa, and Andre Relis, with Alla Belaya, Daniel Couts, Nika Finch. Other than Grillo, the film also stars Robert Patrick, Rhona Mitra, Mark Strange, and Steven Elder. (XYZ films)

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