Holiday Road Parents Guide (3)
Holiday Road Parents Guide (3) Credit: IMDb

Holiday Road Information and Wiki

Holiday Road Parents Guide: Holiday Road is an upcoming Romantic movie which is directed by Martin Wood and penned by Gina Matthews, and Grant Scharbo.

It cast Sara Canning, Warren Christie, and Princess Davis in the lead roles in the film featuring the story of nine strangers who all are united for Christmas and how they all shared a good bond among others.

TitleHoliday Road
Released dateNovember 24, 2023,
CountryUnited States
DistributorHallmark Channel
Holiday Road Parents Guide
Holiday Road Parents Guide (2)
Holiday Road Parents Guide (2) Credit: Hallmark Channel

Holiday Road Age Ratings

Holiday Road is TV-G rated for all the family content shown. You should always follow the age ratings further, this lets you know that whatever content is shown is suitable for which age group.

TV-G ratings are given to those movies which include all the contents which are appropriate for all the general audiences. Age ratings should be followed by all as this is made for your convenience.

Holiday Road Parents Guide

Holiday Road Parents Guide will guide you all about the contents that have been used in the film and you will see that there are all people enjoying and celebrating Christmas. Nothing has been shown to you in this film that will have any negative impact on your kids.

As this is already TV-G rated it does not contain any type of content that is not suitable for the kids and it will also not lead to any bad impacts on your kids.

In this, you will enjoy how strangers share a close bond among them. You will see how people are getting united for Christmas and how they will then share a good bond.

Other Details

Below we have given information regarding Holiday Road like the release date, etc.

When it is going to be released?

Holiday Road is going to be released on November 24, 2023, on Hallmark Channel.

Who is in the cast?

Holiday Road casts actors like Sara Canning will perform as Dana, Princess Davis will perform as Maya Way, Enid-Raye Adams will perform the character of Tricia, Trevor Lerner will perform as Dusty Redford, and Laura Mitchell will perform as Beth.

Kayla Derksen as Sarah, Warren Christie as Clay, Kiefer O’Reilly as Ben, Sharon Crandall as Lei Ling, Brittany Willacy as Ember Craig, and Benita Ha as Ming.

What is the story about?

This is a story about Nine strangers who became friends who have met up at Christmas and they then created a close bond between them.


Holiday Road Parents Guide: Holiday Road is TV-G rated for the family contenst shown and some more information about the film has been given above in the article.

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