Happy potato chip day 2022 Image
Happy potato chip day 2022 Image

Happy Potato Chip Day

Happy Potato Chip Day is celebrated on March 14th. Millions enjoy their favorite chip this holiday. There are lots chips available and are served as snacks, side dishes, or appetizers. Not all of them are loved and favored by all age groups of people. Potato chips are the world-famous snacks that are liked, loved, and eaten by millions of people and especially by children. On having gained so much of fans, the potato chips have got their own celebration day on the calendar. Fill up your mouth with a handful of crispy potato chips to treat yourself and as a way to celebrate Happy Potato Chip Day in a more enjoyable way.

History of Happy Potato Chip Day

Happy Potato Chip Day 14 March 2022 Images
Happy Potato Chip Day 14 March 2022 Images

1853- The Potato Chip is Born

American chef George Speck (aka George Crum) creates potato chips in Saratoga Springs

1859-  A ‘Novel’ Idea

The first popular reference to the snack is written in “A Tale Of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens.

1921-  Potato Chips Go Big

Mass production of potato chips begins.

1932- The Holy Grail of Potato Chips

Company Frito-Lay introduces Lay’s potato chips.

Happy Potato Chip Day Activities

  • Make a potato chip dip and spread the fun!
  • Buy a bag of potato chips
  • Buy a bag of potato chips

How to Celebrate Happy Potato Chip Day

Celebrating National Potato Chip Day is quite simple. Have some potato chips for your lunch or dinner as a side dish. Pack some fresh potato chips for your children as snacks. You can even try making homemade potato chips to delight your family. Add flavorings and salt according to your taste. Carry some packets of potato chips to eat while on travel or on your picnic trips as it is the best snack companion. Share your views about Potato Chip Day and post your celebration pictures on social media using the hashtag #PotatoChipDay.

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Thank you for reading this article. Happy Potato Chip Day 2022.

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