Happy Learn About Butterflies Day

On March 14th, National Learn About Butterflies Day is celebrated to encourages us to look for a blur of color as butterflies begin migrating across the country. Each year the celebration brings with it an awareness of the varieties of butterflies and their importance to our survival. Spring and summer are just right around the corner, so it is an excellent time to take a few minutes and learn something new about butterflies and appreciate their beauty.

Ways to celebrate National Learn About Butterflies Day

1. Start a butterfly garden.

2. Make a butterfly snack.

3. Learn something you didn’t know about butterflies.

4. Get crafty.

5. Visit your local zoo.

 Butterflies Day History

  • 3100 B.C.– Butterflies in Art

Artists use butterflies in Ancient Egypt; they are carved on temple walls, buildings, pieces of jewelry, and incense burners.


  • 1865– Caterpillar In a Book

In the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” Sir John Tenniel draws an illustration of Alice meeting a caterpillar seated on a toadstool and smoking a hookah.

  • 1902– The Butterfly Alphabet
This is a photographic artwork by Kjell Bloch Sandved, a Norwegian naturalist about finding all 26 letters of the Latin Alphabet and Arabic Numerals zero to nine on the wings of butterflies.
  • 1985– Age of Flowering Plants

Ehrlich and several other researchers and their studies from fossils reveal the evolution of butterflies from moths about some 40 million years back in relation to the birth of flowering plants on the earth.



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