Halo Season 1 Episode 1 Explained Here | Episode 1 Contact

The first episode of the series titled “Contact,” picks up on the planet of Madrigal, and introduced a small mining colony.

The story starts with a teenage girl named Kwan Ha. Kwan is exploring a nearby forest meanwhile she comes across a ship that belongs to Covenant. The alien race came to the ship and attacked Kwan and her friends. However, Kwan succeeds to escape from there and get back to her colony where an army of Elites upon the town begins to kill everyone.

Halo Season 1 Episode 1 Explained

Then in the form of the four Spartans of the UNSC arrives on Madrigal. This group of four known as the Silver Team is led by Master Chief. The team fights with the Covenant forces but everyone is killed already except Kwan.

Master Chief sends her to Planet Reach on his ship. While they were on the way UNSC Officer Miranda Keyes talks with Kwan via hologram.

Keyes asks Kwan about the sole survivor of a military exercise of the UNSC and asks her to publically support the organization’s actions. But Kwan denied doing the same as she does not trust the UNSC. She then demands complete independence for her home planet in exchange for speaking in the UNSC’s favor. The UNSC does not agrees with Kwan’s wishes and cites Article 72. What is Article 72?

Halo Season 1 Episode 1 Explained Halo TV Show 2022 Season 1 Episode 1 Explained images wallpapers
Halo Season 1 Episode 1 Explained Halo TV Show 2022 Season 1 Episode 1 Explained images wallpapers

UNSC decides to kill her while on Chief’s ship so that they can take control of the resources of Madrigal. The UNSC proceeds to remotely eliminate all of the oxygen onboard Master Chief’s vessel. Chief fights through this and ends up restoring the oxygen on the ship.

Halo Season 1 Episode 1 Explained

Now the UNSC prepares to attack Master. Chief’s ship is remotely controlled by the military so that he can’t manually try to escape elsewhere.

Now Kwan is in a threat to shoot Master Chief because of these events she no longer trusts Master Chief. To gain Kwan’s trust, Master Chief removes his helmet and makes himself vulnerable.

When the ship arrives at the UNSC base the military knocks out the power on Master Chief’s ship. Soldiers surround the cruiser and place explosives on the outside wall to prepare to breach it. And Chief ends up picking up the alien artifact that he found on Madrigal.

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In turn, the power to Master Chief’s ship comes back online. Chief rushes to the controls of the ship and takes off into space with Kwan, leaving the UNSC behind for the moment.

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