Hailey Bieber Tattoos

Hailey Rhode Bieber is an American model, media personality, and socialite. Bieber is a daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece of Alec, Daniel, and William Baldwin, and her maternal grandfather is the Brazilian artist Eumir Deodato. She is married to Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

The first modeling agency Hailey Bieber signed with was Ford Models which appeared in magazines such as Tatler, LOVE. Her first commercial campaign was for the clothing brand French Connection in the winter of 2014

Hailey Bieber Has More Than 19 Tattoos

Hailey Bieber Tattoos Wallpaper and Images
Hailey Bieber Tattoos Wallpaper and Images
  • Arm – Peach– To celebrate her husband’s new song ‘Peaches’, both stars got a shape of the fruit inked on their body. Designed by tattooist to the stars Dr. Woo
  • Hands-Gun- Back in 2015, Hailey Bieber had a gun tattooed on her middle finger which at the time she said she wasn’t sure why she got it.
  • Hands – Symbols-  In 2020, she goes to her husband’s go-to tattoo artist Dr. Woo for some further embellishments to her hand, in the form of symbols down the side of her little finger.
  • Hands – ‘J’- On her wedding ring finger, she has the initial ‘J’ in honor of her husband Justin Bieber.
  • Hands – ‘PRAY’Hands – ‘PRAY’
    Hands – ‘PRAY’- One of the first-hands the supermodel got was the letters ‘PR’ on her left index finger, and AY’ on her right meaning that when her hands came together in prayer it spelled out ‘PRAY’.
  • Finger – Chevrons- While attending Coachella in 2017, Bieber stopped by her friend Jon Boy’s tattoo pop up to receive two chevrons inked on her little finger.

These are some of the famous Hailey Bieber Tattoos. Hailey Bieber Has More Than 19 Tattoos but we haven’t probably Noticed.

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