G-Rated Movie of 2018 on Netflix

G-Rated Movie of 2018 on Netflix: The G in G-Rating stands for General audience. The movies in this category are considered to be a rich source of entertainment for kids.

The movies in this rating are appropriate for all age groups. The language used is appropriate for kids and kids can never learn anything bad from these kinds of movies.

G-Rated movies were primarily made for a very young audience. However, they are now enjoyed by anyone because of their light nature.

There is nothing in these movies that could hurt or disturb young audiences. They can be enjoyed by anyone-anytime. Following is the list of Best G-Rated Movies of 2018 on Netflix.

List of G-Rated Movie of 2018 on Netflix

Fishtronaut: The Movie

The movie revolves around Fishtronaut and his gang. The movie covers everything they did in order to save their declining population. They were shocked to see how fast their population is declining and worried about the fact they can disappear in the coming future.

Director  Celia Catunda, Rodrigo Eba, Kiko Mistrorigo
Rating  7.5/10
Genre  Animation, Adventure, Family
Run-time  1Hour, 17Minutes

Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us

The movie is set at the time of the wind festival at Fura city. The movie is a collection of some small individual stories put together beautifully. Every story in the movie has something special to amaze the audience.

Director  Tetsuo Yajima
Rating  6.3/10
Genre  Animation, Adventure, Family, Action, Fantasy, Science-fiction
Run-time  1Hour, 40Minutes

A Champian Heart

The movie revolves around a hopeless girl and covers everything that happened to her after he found an injured horse. The girl helped the horse in his healing process and eventually finds hope and faith in that horse.

Director  David de Vos
Rating  6/10
Genre  Family
Run-time  1Hour, 30Minutes


The movie revolves around Juan Lopez who is trying his level best to fit in a busy life. He does not like going to the office in the morning and living an ordinary life. He then decides that he will make use of his superpowers and help the needy people around. In this way, he will be the first Spanish Superhero.

Director  Javier Ruiz Caldera
Rating  5.4/10
Genre  Science-fiction, Action, Comedy
Run-time  1Hour, 48Minutes

Going for Gold

The movie revolves around a young girl named Emma and covers everything that happened after she shifted to Australia with her dad. In Australia, she joined the cheerleading group in her new school so that she can make new friends from that group.

Director  Clay Glen
Rating  4.8/10
Genre  Drama, Family, Sport
Run-time  1Hour, 33Minutes

Deliha 2

Just like the previous time, Deliha 2 is all focused on Zeliha, a raw and candid girl. In the first movie, Zeliha was seen trying to find her true love. However, this time she is seen very serious about her career.

Director  Gupse Ozay
Rating  4.6/10
Genre  Comedy
Run-time  1Hour, 46Minutes

Pup Star: World Tour

The movie revolves around Pup star dogs and covers everything that happened to them when they are out on a world tour. In this tour, all the singing dogs are seen enjoying and in this journey they made some new friends. You can watch Pup Star: World Tour anytime on Netflix.

Director  Gupse Ozay
Rating  4.6/10
Genre  Comedy, Musical, Family
Run-time  1Hour, 46Minutes

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