G-Rated Movie of 2017 on Netflix
G-Rated Movie of 2017 on Netflix

G-Rated Movie of 2017 on Netflix

G-Rated Movie of 2017 on Netflix: The G in G-Rating stands for General audience. The movies in this category are considered to be a rich source of entertainment for kids.

The movies in this rating are appropriate for all age groups. The language used is appropriate for kids and kids can never learn anything bad from these kinds of movies.

G-Rated movies were primarily made for a very young audience. However, they are now enjoyed by anyone because of their light nature.

There is nothing in these movies that could hurt or disturb young audiences. They can be enjoyed by anyone-anytime. Following is the list of Best G-Rated Movies of 2017 on Netflix.

List of G-Rated Movie of 2017 on Netflix

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!

The movie revolves around Ash Ketchum and Pikachu and covers everything that happened when they are out on their journey to become a pokemon master. Initially, the bond of Pikachu and Ash was not that strong but as they continue their journey, they started liking each other and become friends.

Director  Kunihiko Yuyama
Rating  6.3/10
Genre  Animation, Action, Family, Fantasy, Adventure
Run-time  1Hour, 38Minutes

A Very Country Christmas

The movie revolves around a single mother named Jeanette Williams. She is seen trying her level best in order to give her daughter the best life she actually deserves. Jeanette is living a below ordinary life until a famous superstar decided to go back to his roots. He went back to his hometown and there met Jeanette. They both fell in love in no time.

Director  Justin G. Dyck
Rating  6.1/10
Genre  Comedy, Drama, Romance
Run-time  1Hour, 24Minutes

Expedition Happiness

The movie revolves around two free-spirited men along with a dog and covers everything that happened to them when they are out to an enormous continent in order to find something new.

Director  Felix Starck
Rating  5.9/10
Genre  Documentary
Run-time  1Hour, 35Minutes

Tatlim Tatlim

The movie is set at a party where four couples met and started talking. All of them felt some instant connection and started liking each other company.

Director  Yilmaz Erdogan
Rating  5.6/10
Genre  Comedy, Romance
Run-time  1Hour, 35Minutes

Pup Star: Better 2Gether

The movie revolves around an adorable Yorkie pop named Tiny and covers everything that happened to her after winning the ‘pup star’ tv singing competition. Her life changed drastically after that competition. 

Director  Robert Vince
Rating  4.4/10
Genre  Family
Run-time  1Hour, 32Minutes

Barbie: Dolphin Magic

The movie is set at a time when barbie along with her sisters is enjoying a vacation at an island resort. While enjoying their vacation, they got to know about a rare dolphin who visited that island only once a year. That rare dolphin excites the Barbie to another level and they decided to gather more information about other water species.

Director  Conrad Helten
Rating  5.6/10
Genre  Family, Animation, Fantasy, Adventure
Run-time  1Hour, 1Minutes

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale

The movie revolves around Puss and covers everything that happened to him when he decided to fight against Ninja Pirates. On this mission, Puss finds a fairy tale book. When Puss opens that book, his real adventure begins.

Director  Roy Burdine, Johnny Castuciano
Rating  5.2/10
Genre  Family, Animation, Fantasy, Adventure, Short, Action, Comedy
Run-time  23Minutes

Angela’s Christmas 

The movie is set in the early 1900 in Ireland. Angela’s Christmas revolves around a family at the time of Christmas. This movie showcases the power of being together as a family and also covers a child’s desire for his family’s safety and well-being. You can watch Angela’s Christmas anytime on Netflix.

Director  Damien O’Connor
Rating  7/10
Genre  Family, Animation, Adventure, Short
Run-time  30Minutes

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