Escape from Germany Parents Guide
Escape from Germany Parents Guide

Escape from Germany is a 2024 drama film based on the true story of a group of American missionaries in Germany as World War II began.

T.C. Christensen directs this film, and it is based on the book “Mine Angels Round About” by William R. Bradford.

TitleEscape from Germany
GenreDrama, History, War
DirectorT.C. Christensen
Release DtaeApril 11, 2024
CountryUnited States
DistribuorsSusan Tuckett Media


Escape from Germany tells the story of their daring escape based on their personal journals.

In August 1939, with Hitler’s army rapidly closing borders, 85 American missionaries found themselves trapped in Germany.

Escape from Germany Age Rating

Escape from Germany is rated PG for thematic material and brief violence.

As the film is rated PG, parental guidance is suggested for sensitive viewers or younger audiences due to the thematic elements and brief scenes of violence.

Escape from Germany Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity: None.

Violence & Gore: The film contains brief scenes of violence, including gunfire and physical altercations.

Profanity: Minimal, if any, profanity.

Frightening/Intense Scenes: There are scenes of danger and wartime circumstances, which might be intense for younger viewers.

Who is in the cast?

  • Whitney Palmer as Evelyn Wood
  • David McConnell as President Wood
  • Landon Henneman as Elder Barnes
  • Joel Bishop as Military Police Captain
  • Paul Wuthrich as Elder Seibold
  • Scarlett Hazen as Carol Wood
  • Pamela Beheshti as Secretary to the Consul
  • Henning Fischer as Gestapo
  • Chase Elwood as Elder Duersch
  • Mary Hailstone as Sebastian Michael Barr
  • Sebastian Michael Barr as Elder Anderson
  • Abby Villasmil as Leah
  • Barta Heiner as German Woman on Train
  • Kevin Kirschenmann as President Biehl

When is the release

Escape from Germany is set to be released in theaters on 11 April 2024 via Susan Tuckett Media.

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