Edwina Sharma- Edwina Sharma is the younger sister of Kate Bridgerton and is the daughter of Mary Sharma in the Bridgerton Tv-series.

History- She was born in Bombay, India. Edwina grew up with parents that met in an improper way. Her mother is a lady in London who ran away to India to marry the lower class, shopkeeper father who already had a daughter of his own. Edwina’s mother adopted Kate and raised her with Edwina.

Edwina Sharma

Bridgerton never reveals how old Edwina Sharma is. Charithra Chandran who plays Edwina is 25 years old. She was born in 1997 and her birthday is January 17. Edwina’s character was played by Charithra Chandran.

Edwina is sweet as well as lovely but while she is young, she still knows what she wants a true love match. Edwina falls in love with Anthony Bridgerton.

Anthony falls for the elder sister of Edwina, Kate who was the younger sibling. When it becomes clear that Edwina does not desire to marry Anthony, Lady Danbury agrees to host her and her mother, Lady Mary Sharma for another season.

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