Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Complete Parents Guide 2021
Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Complete Parents Guide 2021

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Square Enix’s RPG “Dungeon Encounters” for PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam) announced online. Hiroyuki Ito is the director of “Dungeon Encounters” and produced by Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age producer Hiroaki Kato, with character designs from Ryoma Ito and a soundtrack overseen by Nobuo Uematsu.

“Dungeon Encounters” is a dungeon exploration RPG with a simple game design. Based on the primitive design concept, visual expression and production are suppressed, and you can experience the fun of the game system itself.

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Game  Dungeon Encounters
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Directors Hiroyuki Ito
Age Rating ESRB- E10+, PEGI 7
Mode Single Player
Genre  Role-playing game
Release October 14, 2021
Platforms PlayStation4 / Nintendo Switch / Steam (all available for download only)


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating

ESRB- rated this game as E (Everyone 10+) for Fantasy Violence Mild Blood Mild Suggestive Themes. ESRB E (EVERYONE 10+) rated means the content of this game is generally suitable for ages 10and up. 

PEGI- This game has received a PEGI 7 because it features violence against humans that is not shown but is implied. Not suitable for persons under 7 years of age.

Dungeon Encounters Parents Guide

  • This is a role-playing game in which players explore dungeons to search for treasure.
  • Characters move around grid-based maps, they engage in turn-based battles with fantastical enemies (e.g., skeletons, giant snakes, armored warriors).
  • Players select attack moves/spells from a menu, as they attempt to deplete enemies’ health meters/hit points.
  • A handful of enemies/objects are depicted with small bloodstains/splatters.
  • Some female creatures are designed with deep cleavage/partially exposed breasts. The word “hell” appears in the game.
  • This game features turn-based battles in which violence towards human-like characters is implied through visual effects which occur over still images.
  • These images are not animated and do not display any visible harm or hurt. When enemies are defeated, they simply disappear.

Dungeon Encounters Game Price

Dungeon Encounters game price is $23.99

Dungeon Encounters Gameplay 

The game has only stringent rules and a well-proportioned game balance. Players will not gain a spectacular scenario experience, visual euphoria with beautiful graphics, flashy productions or uplifting music.

As you explore the dungeon using your abilities, you will encounter various events indicated by hexadecimal numbers. Battles are also included in this event, and thrilling battles with enemies who have both habits and habits will develop. It is necessary to repeat trial and error to go to a deeper level, and in the process, you can enjoy the fun of thinking independently, which is the biggest attraction of this work.

Also, traversing the map itself is one of the main goals of the game. In the dungeon, there are rare items, friends left behind, enemies with a low appearance rate, etc., and the collection elements to search for them are also substantial. And what awaits the player in the deepest part after overcoming many difficulties.

In this work, “acquisition of items”, “HP recovery”, “replacement of abilities”, “weapon shop”, “armor shop”, etc., which are separate elements in general RPG, also exist as “events” on the map and are white. It is displayed by number. Similarly, battles with enemies also exist on the map, and if you set the ability “Battle number display”, it will be visualized with a black number. These events can be referenced at any time from each “book” on the menu screen if the conditions are met, and may help you to capture the dungeon.

In the battle of this work, the familiar “Active Time Battle (ATB)” system in the “FINAL FANTASY” series is adopted. Based on the quickness of each character, the enemy and ally are attacked and defended in real-time *. Since the inventor of this system itself is the director, it is also a feature of this work that you can enjoy a highly sharpened active time battle. (* You can also set a “wait” that stops the time when a command is selected).

The map of this work is composed of square squares separated by vertical and horizontal grids, and the coordinates of the current location are displayed in the upper left of the screen. You can earn “Ability Points” every time you traverse all the squares on the 1st floor, so you should actively aim to traverse the map. However, at deeper levels, the squares themselves may be hidden or trapped, so you need to be careful.

Dungeon Encounters System Requirements


  • Processor: 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows® 10 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD A8-7600 / Intel® Core™ i3-3210
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ R7 240 / NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2500 MB available space


  • Processor: 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows® 10 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD A8-7600 / Intel® Core™ i3-3210
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ R7 260X / NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2500 MB available space

Dungeon Encounters Characters 


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Nanga Parbat

It is said that there is a “room where wishes come true” somewhere.
Continue to search for life.
It was this dungeon that I finally arrived at.
Is there room for him here?


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Cespare

The principal, Geisha Blanc, cared for her, who was stunned in front of the academy.
Although it was a short-term diagnosis by a doctor, he never regained his memory.
Geisha Blanc stopped her trying to treat her.
“You are Cesparle from today”.
“Maybe my past is in the dungeon”.
Tears were bleeding in her eyes as she spoke.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Geisha Blanc

Principal of the academy.
I lost my young daughter in the last war.
“If you grow a little more, I was able to teach him to run away, “he regretted.
Founded the academy with a strong desire, So far, many students have graduated as warriors.
And I realized that it was time for me to fight.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Ruenzo

Chasing Entreyana, he arrived at a new battlefield.
The wounds healed on the long journey transformed the body into a stronger one.
“The entrusted life, this life is prepared to be dedicated not for me, but for the remaining hometown.”
In his hand, which swore so, a keepsake “black stone with legs” was held.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Lauragi

“It belongs to my brother”.
The bracelet received from the reporter meant the annihilation of the 7th Subjugation Corps.
That brother cannot die easily. I’m sure I’m waiting for me somewhere.
Then I gently passed my arm through the bracelet.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Meinasal

I need the money anyway, The house had a self-proclaimed artist’s husband and young twins.
The store I visited in the job information magazine was crushed.
The poster caught her eye as she dropped her shoulders and went home.
“High income to subdue the demon beast” I can’t change my stomach on my back!
I was given dirty clothes because it was better than not wearing them.
This is an RPG guy!


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Elba

Years ago,
The Royal Institute has made important historical discoveries from remote research sites.
It was the perfect “Beastman” that was allegedly extinct tens of thousands of years ago.
The institute is doing a regeneration experiment,
There were constant rumors that the church had intervened.
Suddenly the laboratory was closed
Rumors that the Beastman had escaped soon faded.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Schroze

The one who is withdrawn is growing up in a military house for generations
Was it a reactionary desire for the future?
The raid of a swarm of demons changed the situation.
I lost my parents and my sister.
I found the corpse of the only understanding person, the cherished brown shrike.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Junga

Servant, Received unfair treatment at a working house
Someday the flame of revenge went up.
I collected weapons called weapons,
The purpose was changed to collecting weapons.
“I want a stronger weapon”
Seeking a legendary weapon that sleeps deep in the dungeon
I hit the gate of the academy.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Road Peak

The old man who appeared at the academy was the legendary warrior Road Peak.
However, he, who became a hero in the previous war, could not beat his age.
Did you feel ashamed of your aging self?
It has disappeared from the front of people for many years.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Characters Grecia

The mother took her daughter to a hospital in the city.
Again, the cause of her lying habit could not be identified.
“I talked to Bartolo and I’m sure I’ll see you again.”
“I promised to go hunting for treasure with Bartolo,
It ’s important. ”
The next morning when I realized that I could only give love by believing
My daughter Grecia wasn’t there anywhere.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Characters McCulley

Wear headgear, I intended to jump into the virtual game world.
However, what was in front of me was the world of the real battles that had been accessed beyond space-time.
He was unaware that this was not a game.
I didn’t even know that if I died, I wouldn’t be able to return to the original world.


Dungeon Encounters Age Rating, Parents Guide, Price, Char 2021
Dungeon Encounters Characters Ilbert

What caught her interest
It was a mysterious encrypted message left in the dungeon.
It was a good story for a royal warrant Fruqbrat reporter.
Accompanied by a war correspondent and a subjugation corps,
I was separated from my friends and my physical strength was exhausted.
Will she be able to escape! ??


Dungeon Encounters Characters Napurnu
Dungeon Encounters Characters Napurnu

It was my grandfather’s dog who discovered the place buried in the mountain.
Unneeded life,
Will the ending be sought in the ground again?


Dungeon Encounters Characters Frau Jolas
Dungeon Encounters Characters Frau Jolas

Who visited the academy for a job, stopped at the entrance.
There was a stray dog ​​who was waiting for him.
I took out the bread from the bag and presented it. “Are you?
Frau” The dog’s gaze was that of his twin brother who had fallen into an incurable disease.


Dungeon Encounters Characters Hokugaku
Dungeon Encounters Characters Hokugaku

Hokugaku lost the Lord, saying, “There is no reason to live in this world.”
A wave called despair was rushing to the sea spreading in front of me.
It was explorer Hope who was waiting for him to wake up on the galleon.
“From now on, you should work for me.”
Hokugaku, who was made by the Lord again, went to a foreign land.


Dungeon Encounters Characters Modenari
Dungeon Encounters Characters Modenari

He was imprisoned for being forced into the cause of the plague that claimed many lives.
The sentence she was told was 3000 years.
The escape tunnel has finally penetrated,
I lost my balance and was sucked into the darkness.
The place I noticed was also in the same darkness as a prison.


Dungeon Encounters Characters Jolas
Dungeon Encounters Characters Jolas

I worked hard to study and graduated from an excellent university with my younger brother.
I got a job at a first-class company.
One day when I was living a smooth sailing life
The war was over and the wind of bankruptcy blew.
He lost his job and left the city to return to his hometown.
Hearing the news of the appearance of the dungeon,
He visited the academy in search of his place.


Dungeon Encounters Characters K2000
Dungeon Encounters Characters K2000

I worked with the cleaners day after day.
It was a machine with no intention,
I wasn’t feeling well unless I was a single cleaner.
One day, attacked by a demon beast crawling out of the dungeon
The cleaner died.
And brush and vacuum
It was replaced with a killing device.


Dungeon Encounters Characters Entreyana
Dungeon Encounters Characters Entreyana

There was a two-tribal dispute over the land.
While a lot of blood is flowing
Warrior Torreyana approaches the leader of the hostile tribe.
“Come on, take my neck”
It was the enemy leader Luenzo who closed his eyes.
Torayana offered the rest of the water to the fatally injured leader.
“Even if you beat you, the rain won’t come back.
I’m calling me far under that northern sky. “


Dungeon Encounters Characters Cat
Dungeon Encounters Characters Cat

The subjugation team encountered a suspicious cat-shaped object roaming the dungeon.
His wide-eyed eyes are staring at one point in the distance, expressionless, speaking nothing, who the hell are they?
When asked “How are you coming with me?”
Of course I didn’t answer anything.
“What should I call?”
“Then it’s a cat.”


Dungeon Encounters Characters Ouyu
Dungeon Encounters Characters Ouyu

Became a captain of the subjugation squad at a young age.
Perfect and strict behavior was recognized.
He put the peace of the town first, and was eager to educate military personnel.
“Don’t worry. I won’t die.”
After saying that, he disappeared into the dungeon.
My sister found a disturbing note in his drawer.
“Even if I stab it wrong …” What did he know?


Dungeon Encounters Characters Bartolo
Dungeon Encounters Characters Bartolo

A descendant of the dragon tribe who was said to have lived to the very end.
Even if God created it to protect the world
It was also said that God created it to destroy the world.
In any case, it may have been born to fight.
It is said that there was a wrapped bandage on the nail.


Dungeon Encounters Characters Everes
Dungeon Encounters Characters Everes

Captain of the 3rd Subjugation Corps.
Raised as an orphan, he was eventually in a position to protect his home.
It caught the eye of the circus troupe and became a gladiator.
Someday it escalated to a dark game.
People left around him.
Even if you know that force won’t solve anything
I cursed myself who couldn’t do anything without power.
On the day when contact with the 2nd Subjugation Corps was lost,
The academy’s principal, Geisha Blanc, remembered him.

Dungeon Encounters Trailer


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Dungeon Encounters Review 

It’s a dungeon exploration RPG. To be clear, it’s a new work that is too sharp and not for everyone. You can enjoy a play similar to RPGs from the 1980s to 1990s, but the game system and play tempo are those of the latest games, which is a mysterious work.

The graphics are simple, and there are no beautiful cutscenes that make full use of CG technology. However, the game system is packed with the fundamental fun of computer RPGs. “The fun of chewing the battle system and finding the optimal solution for yourself.”
“The tactic of the optimal solution should have been the fear when it collapsed due to the blurring of the situation” “The joy of getting through such a pinch on your own” You can fully enjoy the charm of “.

If you write it as a game system that pursues the fun of exchanging numbers, which is typical of Mr. Ito, it will be a tasteless character. However, the value of each command selection that is created from it is heavy, and the battle that you can enjoy the thrill of the last minute is deeply stabbed by the stabber.

The map of this work is very simple, only white numbers and black numbers such as “01” and “0A” are written in a series of square squares. It looks like a homemade map written on graph paper by old gamers.

The white numbers are events in the labyrinth. Events unique to each number are assigned, such as “01” for downstairs, “06” for HP recovery, and “14” for weapon shop. If you go to the square with this number, an event (including the use of facilities) will occur.

The black numbers are a group of monsters, and monsters corresponding to the numbers appear, such as “01” for “ghost” and “wild bow”, and “06” for “skeleton” and “evil hound”. The deeper the dungeon, the larger the black numbers. In other words, the enemy with a large number is strong.

The numbers are hexadecimal, and when you go to the back of the labyrinth, numbers such as “1A” and “0F” are lined up in a series of squares. Seeing events and monsters managed by hexadecimal numbers gives me a mysterious feeling when I look directly into the game data through analysis and tricks, and the excitement of standing between reality and the game world. It will come back.

The floor on which this number is written represents all so-called “events” such as points for recovering physical strength and points for going up and downstairs in this game to dive into the dungeon and explore with hexadecimal numbers. No matter which floor you dive to, the number is the same. For example, number 01 represents the stairs that go down to the floor below, so you will have to search for 01 on any floor to dive more and more.

For those who are accustomed to modern games, the map screen may be annoying, but don’t worry. When you immerse yourself in the game, you will see a series of squares in the labyrinth, and numbers in the labyrinth facilities and monsters. When there is a black number “20”, I’m scared, “Mazui! A group of anglerfish and a man in armor!”, And when I find a white number “06”, I’m really relieved that “It’s a recovery point! .. The graphics are simple, but the horror of the labyrinth is more than fully expressed.

Official website: square enix games.com

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