Due Justice Parents Guide
Due Justice Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDB)

Due Justice information and Wiki

Due Justice Parents Guide: Due Justice is an upcoming Action, Crime, and Drama which is directed and written by Javier Reyna. This movie cast Stars Jeff Fahey, Kellan Lutz, and Efren Ramirez.

TitleDue Justice
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
DirectorJavier Reyna
Release DateNovember 24, 2023
CountryUnited States
DistributorSaban Films
Due Justice Parents Guide
Due Justice Parents Guide
Due Justice Parents Guide Credit: IGN

‘Due Justice’ Age Rating?

As everything is not perfect for all. Everything has some points which are not suitable for everybody. This applies to the movies also. That’s why Age Rating are given to the films, series, etc so that our Parents will get to know which movie is for which age group.

Due Justice is R-rated for the intense scenes, violence, and frightening content.

Due Justice Parents Guide

Below we have given some important points that will definitely guide you on whether is this movie okay for your kids or not. As we know every kid has a different maturity and thinking level so this is your duty to know whether is this movie suitable or not for your kids.

Other than parents no one can understand their kids better. You are the only one who knows about your kids.

Read the points mentioned below carefully so that you can make a decision on whether this movie is appropriate or not.


This movie consists of violence which we all know is not suitable for kids. shooting scene was seen in the movie. A woman was shooting a man was shown here.

Kids at their initial stages learn instantly so if they see such type of violent scenes, it will definitely affect their brain development and it will be a great trouble for them.


In the movie, it is shown that there were some blast scenes, the car explosion. We all know that the maturity level of kids is not very high at the initial stage. The strength of the explosion was very high which will lead to bad impacts on your kids.

Parents Consideration

In every aspect, they see everything with different opinions so if they see these types of scenes they would definitely capture in in their mind which is gonna be unfit for them.

Kids are very innocent they should not see those types of content as their minds is for sure not that prepared for that immature content.

Other Details

We have given here about Release date, cast, etc of ‘Due Justice’ which would help to get deep knowledge about this movie.

What is the release date of Due Justice?

This movie is going to be released on November 24, 2023, by Saban Film.

What is the story about?

Due Justice is a story about a military man who is taking revenge for his family members’ murder. He is very sad because his wife and his daughter have been killed due to a cold war of violence.

Who is in the cast of Due Justice?

This movie includes so many great legendary actors like Jeff Fahey is plays the role of Ellis, Efren Ramirez who plays the role of Santiago, Manu Intiraymi who plays Jerry, and Tonantzin Esparza who plays Det. Vasquez, Hallie Shepherd is playing Sue.

Others include Megan Brotherton as Hanna, Tamas Nadas as Kevin, Lowell Deo as the News Anchor, and Niko Foster as Capt. Daniels, Tamas Nadas as Kevin, and David Jofre as Juan.

Official Trailer

DUE JUSTICE Official Trailer (2023)
Due Justice Parents Guide


Due Justice Parents Guide: In the above article every aspect has been mentioned which will help you to know more about ‘Due Justice’. As this film is R-rated, you should be very careful about whether is appropriate for your kid or not.

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