Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Age Rating Parents Guide 2021
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! | Age Rating & Parents Guide 2021

This is bought from a 2017 freeware visual novel developed by an American independent game studio for Microsoft Windows,macOS, and Linux. This game was initially distributed by, and after that, it also became available on Steam. 

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! | Age Rating & Parents Guide 2021
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! | Age Rating & Parents Guide 2021

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Game Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
Developer Team Salvato
Publisher Team Salvatore and Serenity Forge
Designer Dan Salvato
Age Rating ESRB- M

PEGI- 18

Mode  Single-player
Genre  visual novels, horror, 
Engine Unity (Plus)
Release June 30th, 2021
Platforms Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Xbox One
Xbox Series X/S
Microsoft Windows


Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! 

This story revolves around a high school student, and the perspective of this game is also told by them only.

A high school student joined the literature club because his best friend insisted on him, and an option was to woo three of the female members of this club.

And from there, this game was persuaded to feature a non-traditional structure that too with multiple endings, and the cutscenes are unblocked too. This game acts as a lighthearted simulator based on dating,

But soon, this game turned out to be a psychological horror game that breaks the fourth wall completely.

This game was developed by Team Salvato and published by Serenity Forge, And it was released on June 30th, 2021. 

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Age Rating

ESRB- rated this game as M (MATURE 17+) for Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence.

PEGI- This game has received a PEGI 18 which restricts availability to ADULTS ONLY and is not suitable for anyone below this age. This rating has been given because it features graphic violence, themes of suicide and self-harm, and the use of strong language. Not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Parents Guide

  • The developers already described that this game contains stop-like self-harm suicide suggestive sexual themes violence extra.
  •  It has sequences in which of girl is depicted as thread cutting marks on her arms, and a character is stopping herself repeatedly with a nice resulting in the splatter effect of the blood, And dialogue having suggestive sexual themes and words like b**bs and a** What for cash it also appears in this game.
  • The words “f**k” and “sh*t” appears in the game.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Price

What is the price of this game: The price of the games varies for different PlayStations, but the overall game price is $14.99

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Gameplay

What will be the gameplay of this game:

This will be a terrifying world of poetry and romance which was set a date with some horrific theme,

This is the player’s chance to discover why TLC is one of the most popular and eventful psychological games of this decade.

In this game, you have to play as the crying character who is the new joiner of the literature club of the high school and is in search of some romantic interest, his best friend challenges him to befriend any of the female club members, and from there the story told completely upside down.

In this game, you have to charm your crush, and then automatically, the frightening troubles will reach you,

The whole game turns into the horror school romance zone, Do you have what it takes to play this game and crack the code used for dating, known as code of dating, and that will take you to your perfect ending.

This original mind-shattering video game experience is started with lots of new features and exclusive content created for DDLC Plus.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Game Features

This game is a single-player game, Steam achievements are supported in this game, too with the steam cloud.

Six new slide stories about friendship and literature I newly joined for the plus gamer. Hundred Plus of the unlockable images, including a new game of art wallpapers which are never been seen before, are also included in this game.

There are 26 musical tracks in total, including 13 all-new unlockable songs by Nikki Kaelar, something specially included in this game; Plus special guests Jason Hayes and Azuria Sky.

A beautiful music player is also created in this DDLC game to unwind your favorite songs in a custom play and also to look at anyone’s track all the time, Visual is also upgraded this time. 

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Characters 

There are five main characters, and in total, eight characters are there in the DDLC plus game, and they are-

Sayori-she is one of the five main characters of this game, and she is also the vice president of the literature club and childhood friend of the protagonist. Her age is 18, and her height is 5’2, her Hair color is color pink, Eye color is sky blue, Filename is Satori. Chr And she appear in trust, understanding, and balance in DDLC plus a game. According to her personality, she is a Genki Girl.

Natsuki- is also one of the five main characters of this game, and she is a member of the literature club. She is one of the three characters whom the player can write the poem. Her age is 18, her height is 4’11, her hair colors cal pastel pink, Har filename is Natsuki. Chr, This character appears and Act 1, Act2, and Act 4, In terms of her personality, she is a blunt cranky, and arrogant girl.

Monika- she is the poster girl of the Doki Doki literature club, and she is also one of the five main characters of this game; Monica can be seen as the driving force of this game because she instructed the club members to practice writing poems until the club festivals start, and from there every hidden love feeling is started developing in characters and also in the story.

Her age is 18, and she was born on September 22nd, Her height is 5 ‘3, Harihar cal color brown and her eye color is Emerald Green, Her file name is Monika .chr, She appears in trust, understanding, respect, balance, reflection, self-love equals in DDLCPlus. Jillian Ashcraft voices her character; in this game, According to her personality, she is smart, confident, and athletic kind of a girl.

Yuri-Yuri is one of the five main characters in this game, And she is also one of those girls whom the player can write poems, She is 18 years old her height is 5’5, her hair color is dark purple, her color is light purple the filename is yuri. She and Chr appear in understanding, reflection, and self-love in the DDLC plus game. According to her personality, she is generally polite and apologetic but a very intelligent and mature kind of girl.

The protagonist- he is the main character of the game, which is played by the gamer, He is 18 years old, Is hair color is dark brown, Pearson, in all the acts of this game, is one of the five main characters, new join member of literature club and he does whatever it takes to the females to him, According to his personality is very flirtatious but charming.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Official Trailer

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Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Age Rating Review for the game:

The whole plot of this game is very cool, and it interacts very well with the youth of this era, The characters of very interesting and at the same time very mysterious, People can easily relate to every character of this game. This is one of the best dating simulators of this time era.

This game even doesn’t in after the confessions. It lets you experience even more than this story and more than the daily love and dating life. Even the ending of this game lets you to your learning more for this game. Overall this is a very charming game to play, definitely worth playing more than once. So what are you waiting for!Go and enjoy the gameplay That’s all for now, Stay updated with this website for more such information.

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