DarkGame Parents Guide (1)
DarkGame Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

DarkGame Parents Guide: DarkGame is a Horror Thriller film directed by Howard J. Ford and written by Tom George, Gary Grant, and Niall Johnson. It is a horror film that you will enjoy very much by the audience.

In this article, you will get information about the DarkGame Parents Guide, DarkGame Age Ratings, and other details about DarkGame.

Genre Horror, Thriller
Director Howard J. Ford
Released date February 29, 2024
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Distributor World Pictures
DarkGame Parents Guide

DarkGame Parents Guide and Age Ratings

DarkGame is not rated yet. We will update you soon. Age Ratings are given according to the contents of the film and series.

You should always follow the age ratings, as these have been made for you so that you can make better decisions for your kids.

DarkGame Parents Guide is not available right now. We will provide it soon so that you may know about all the contents of whatever has been shown in DarkGame.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about DarkGame.

What is the storyline?

It also includes a detective in the car against a twisted game show on the web, which also contains twists and turns in the series.

When is the release?

DarkGame will be premiered on February 29, 2024, on World Pictures.

Who is in the cast?

It also includes Ed Westwick as Ben, Natalya Tsvetkova as Katia, Rory Alexander as Parker Green, Miztli Rose as Esparza, Natasha Skutka as Chloe, Joseph Tweedale as Alex, Rose Reynolds as Lisa, Eamonn Fleming as Ray, and Ikay Agu as FBI Agent Cole.

It also has Andrew P Stephen as The Presenter, Lola Wayne as Cathy, Andrew McGillan as Sasha, Anthony Ofoegbu as Captain Larson, Joe Urquhart as Sam, Marc Danbury as FBI Agent Jackson, Polina Nioly Pushkareva as Amy, and Rick Yale as Larch.


Our main writing is to let you guys know about all the information for which you are all here so that you can properly guide your kid, as your kid is totally dependent on you because they are too young to decide for themselves.

Stay with us. We will soon update more information about DarkGame, and also enjoy reading our articles.

DarkGame Parents Guide 1

Director: Howard J. Ford

Date Created: 2024-02-29 14:03

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