Constellation Parents Guide (1)
Constellation Parents Guide (1) Credit: Allocine

Constellation Parents Guide: Constellation is a Thriller TV series directed by Michelle MacLaren , Joseph Cedar, and Oliver Hirschbiegel and written by Peter Harness and Ragna Wei.

It is executive produced by Simon Arnal, Caroline Benjo, Peter Harness, Rebecca Hobbs, Michelle MacLaren, Tracey Scoffield, Carole Scotta, David Tanner, and Justin Thomson and co-produced by Jakob Neuhäusser.

If your kid loves watching TV Series and you are worried about whether Constellation is appropriate for your kids, then you must read our article, as it will help you make the right decision.

Released date February 21, 2024
CountryUnited States, United Kingdom, and France
Language English
Distributor Apple TV+
Constellation Parents Guide
Constellation Parents Guide
Constellation Parents Guide Credit: IMDb

Constellation Age Ratings

Constellation is rated TV-MA for the content shown in the series. This means the series is intended to be viewed by kids 17 and up. Kids below 17 should not watch the series, and if they want to watch, they should consider it with their parents.

Constellation Parents Guide

Our main movie in writing Constellation Parents Guide is to guide you about the contents of the series shown in which way so that you can guide your kid.


It also includes a blast as men and women are standing in one room discussing something, and suddenly, a shot leads the man to fall apart in the series.


It includes violence, as there were the characters who were shown shooting each other in the TV series; there were people who were fighting with each other and wanted to defeat others.

Parents Consideration

You need to be careful as the TV Series includes violence and blasts which can have bad impacts on the kids, they are too young to understand all these things for this, you are there to guide them properly before taking any decision.

Other Details

Below, we have written information about Constellation.

What is the storyline?

It is the story of Jo, who has been returning to Earth after a disaster in space and discovers that it has been missing peace in their life. Watching the viewers and discovering the things lost during the journey will be fascinating.

When is the release?

Constellation will be premiered on Apple TV+ on February 21, 2024; after it, you can watch it and enjoy it.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Noomi Rapace as Jo, Jonathan Banks as Henry, James D’Arcy as Magnus, Rosie Coleman as Alice, Barbara Sukowa as Irene Lysenko, Henry David as Ilya Andreev, Sandra Teles as Yazmina Suri, and Chipo Chung as MIchaela Moyone.

Along with Sadie Sweet as Wendy Lancaster, Clare-Hope Ashitey as Agent Bright, Michel Diercks as Jimmy, Davina Coleman as Alice, William Catlett as Paul Lancaster, Carole Weyers as Audrey Brostin, and Lenn Kudrjawizki as Sergei Vassiliev.

In the TV series, you will also find Rebecca Scroggs as Frida Lancaster and Eleanor Fanyinka as Eryn Lafferty.


Constellation Traile 2024 | Noomi Rapace, Jonathan Banks, James D'Arcy | Apple Tv
Constellation Parents Guide


Constellation Parents Guide: Constellation is not officially rated. We will update you soon about it, and the other information about the series has been given above.

Keep adding our articles, and enjoy while reading our writings. Also, share your experiences after reading the article in the comments box.

Constellation Parents Guide 1

Director: Michelle MacLaren , Joseph Cedar, and Oliver Hirschbiegel

Date Created: 2024-02-21 16:49

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