Clid the Snail Gameplay, Price, Review, Release Date
Clid the Snail Gameplay, Price, Review, Release Date

Clid the Snail Age Rating | Clid the Snail Parents Guide

It is the game that is a dark fable, especially about a grumpy humanoid that is the snail armed to the teeth, This is about that shooter who is Top-down, focused on narrative and a mindful combat system. The developer of this game, Weird Beluga studio S. L. The publisher of the game is Koch media.

This is going to be very different from what you are expecting from this game. You will play as troublemaking, eccentric snail Clid. 

Clid the Snail Age Rating

ESRB rated Clid the Snail as M (Mature 17+) for Blood, Gore, Language, Violence.

ESRB M (Mature 17+)  rated means that the content of the game is generally suitable for the ages 17 and up, may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content, and/or strong language.

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Game Clid the Snail
Genres Action, Adventure, Shooting saga
Age Rating M (Mature 17+) ESRB
Developers Weird Beluga studio S. L
Publishers Koch media, Gamera Nest S.L.
Platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4
Languages Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Spanish


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Clid the Snail Gameplay

This game is a single-player game, and steam achievement is its Best feature, and it also has full controller support, It is a top-down shooter game, having a fantastic miniature world and based on the experience of a dark fantasy fable. You will go to play a Clid, in this game.

This troublemaking snail has just been exiled from his house of the citadel, And a faithful and talkative firefly joins the snail named Belu in the game and then the mysterious slung plague scenes, that plague is ravaging the whole Land gradually, And this little snail is on a mission to save his Land from this ultimate ruining because of this deadly plague.

Clid the Snail Parents Guide

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It has Mature content. The developers describe this game’s contents as frequent violence, scenes of blood and Gore, and some bad language.
Use of weapons and explosions, guns, grenades, and unique snail shells to compete with the enemy.
Bad language has been used a lot of profanity words, such as bas*tard, damn, etc…
Characters are shooting each other, combat fights, blood content, and bad humor.
Characters are seen going to bars sometimes and drinking alcohol.


Clid the Snail Recommended system requirements

  • OS needed in Windows 7
  • Graphics of Radeon R9 380 /Geforce GTX 1050 Ti
  • Direct x version should be version 12
  • Storage needed is 4290 Mb available space
  • Integrated or dedicated Directx 9 compatible soundtrack
  • 1080p, 16:9 is also 

Clid the Snail Price

The price of this game is S19.99 on PlayStation stores.

Clid the Snail Review 

IGN rated it 5/10, Metacritic rated it 59, and that’s how it gets mixed reviews, 

The movements when this Clid or the snail are at few and far between at its best, having a Decent dialogues very basic yet satisfying story. The bad part of this game is its Repetitive level design arrangements, very muddy graphics, and very boring enemy of the snail. This game is a good game to play in your free time.

Clid the Snail Release Date

 Last but not least, the main characters of Clid the Snail

 These are the members of Alastar (a group) a group made up of

  • A tiny but good-hearted but trouble making Clid the snail
  • And a beautiful firefly Belu
  • A shy hedgehog, Morti is the resident weapons man
  • a shaman turtle,
  • A mute bat, Haelsy
  • A ninja frog, Itako
  • A one-eyed chameleon named Cassius is the leader

All these animals are called Alastar, and these characters are the reasons for the increasing levels of this game. 

All and all, this game is an example of not that good, not that bad kind of a game. 

Clid the Snail Trailer

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