Netflix is casting Avtar Kuruk in the Last Airbender live-action- There are some signs that Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender will include Avatar Kuruk who is one of Aang’s predecessors from the Northern Water Tribe.

There will be new casting in Avatar: The Last Airbender series. This tv-series is adding Avatar Kuruk. Kuruk doesn’t play a large role in the original Avatar.

Last Airbender Netflix Show Casting Avatar Kuruk

The series is still in production in season 1. Avatar is looking for a man of Indigenous descent who is in his 30s or 40s to play “Dakota.” As per the report, it seems likely that the character is actually Avatar Kuruk who is the last Water Tribe Avatar to come before Aang.

DAKOTA character is male, 30s to 40s, of Indigenous descent. He is a legendary warrior from the past who appears as a spirit to deliver a warning to the tribe about the consequences of losing the coming battle.

This series has already shown signs of putting a greater focus on some of Aang’s predecessors. Should this character actually be Kuruk, he will only be around for about two episodes.

However, he could still play a pivotal role in the season-ending battle at the Northern Water Tribe.

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