Bridgerton Children Names Wallpaper and images
Bridgerton Children Names Wallpaper and images

Bridgerton Children Names- Bridgerton has gained a huge fan following ever since it was released. The new Netflix show Bridgerton has made quite an impact on audiences as well as fans.

Bridgerton tv- series was created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes. The show revolves around Regency London high society’s Ton.

Bridgerton Children Names

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  • Anthony Bridgerton– The eldest of the Bridgertons
  • Benedict Bridgerton– The second eldest of the family, Benedict Bridgeton is a few years younger than his big bro at 28.

  • Colin Bridgerton– One of the younger Bridgerton boys is Colin who is just 22 years old.

  • Daphne Bridgerton –  She’s nine years younger than her eldest sibling, we can work out that Daphne, played by Phoebe Dynevor, is supposed to be 22 years old.

  • Eloise Bridgerton – The second daughter of Lady Bridgerton, Eloise

  • Francesca Bridgerton – The third Bridgerton daughter is only a year younger than Eloise at the age of 17. 

  • Gregory Bridgerton – Another Bridgerton boy, Gregory is the youngest son of Lady Bridgerton and her husband at just 13.

  • Hyacinth Bridgerton – The youngest of them all is Hyacinth Bridgerton at 11 years old.

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