Book Reviews Website
Book Reviews Website

This article is specially generated for all Book Lovers. In this article, we are giving you the list of Book Reviews Website. The Book Review Website works best when you wanted to know what others think about your favorite book.

List of Book Reviews Website


Goodreads have to be on top when we are talking about book reviews. Goodreads is considered to be the Facebook of book reviews. Goodreads is the first thing that comes to our mind every time we think about Book Reviews Website. If you think, Goodreads is only for book reviews, then you are quite wrong. You can use Goodreads to organize, discuss, and display your own personalized bookshelf.


NetGalley is also a website that is known for bringing unconventional suggestions to readers. NetGalley is a platform that is developed so that the authors can directly connect with the readers and know what they feel about their book.


BoodBub is quite similar to Goodreads. However, it is more focused on connecting readers to those books that excite them the most. BookBub is primarily focused on suggesting the best to the readers. On this website, you will see a lot of promotional ads.


Although it is a UK-based book review website, it managed to grab the attention of the audience from around the world. Unlike other sites, LoveReading is strictly made for book reviews. On LoveReading you will see the reviews written are top-notch. This is because they hire some professional staff writers for writing the review.

SFBook Reviews

If you think quantity and quality can not exist together, then you must visit SFBook Reviews once. This website is run by five reviewers. They make sure that the quality is never compromised on their website. They frame their content in such a way that is very easy to understand by everyone.

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