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Billy Summers Age Rating

Stephen King is always considered a horror novelist. It’s unavoidable now; he is responsible for too many nightmares that prowl popular culture.

Yet in his latest novel “Billy Summers” there are no supernatural powers. Instead, this one is a crime novel with lots of emotions in it, which was published on August 3, 2021. It contains 528 pages and King also mentioned that it is a crime novel about a hired assassin.

Billy Summers Age Rating

We will recommend an age rating of 14 and above for the book. Parents Guide is required to make children understand the events of the book

Book NameBilly Summers
AuthorStephen King
Recommended Age Rating14+
Date of PublicationAugust 3, 2021
No. of Page527

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Billy Summers Plot Spoiler

Billy, 44, is an ex-army sniper turned professional killer who only kills “bad” men. He accepts one last job before he retires, with a significant pay date attached. Billy moved to an unspecified city in a southern US state after being contracted by Nick to kill a petty criminal, Joel Allen, a hitman like Billy.

Joel said he has some valuable information that the police want to make some deal with, and apparently, someone doesn’t want him to do so, which is why Billy has been hired to take him out.

To continue the job, Billy needs to spend quite some time as a resident near the target. The cover story is that Billy was a writer named David Lock Ridge who his agent tasked to stay there and go to the office and write each day to get him to meet his deadline.

The place has a direct view of where Joel, the target, will eventually be taken to be prosecuted for murder. Nick plans for Billy, but Billy starts to formulate his plan. Billy writes his own experience of joining the marine and turning into a sharp killer and changing all the names. He also shared his understanding of the military and discovered that he was a talented sniper.

The killing goes off without a jerk, but Nick dodged him, and instead of rewarding him, he tries to shoot Bill, which Billy realized at the beginning. While Billy was trying to remain out of sight, he met a young woman Alice, twenty, sexually assaulted by a group of men.

Alice recognized Billy as the shooter, but she ends up wanting to stay with him. Billy and Alice get closer to each other as Billy goes to confront Alice’s astronomers. Billy and Alice met Bucky, Billy’s “broker” and the only person Billy trusted blindly.

They planned to kill Nick now they went to Nick’s place and executed their plan. While doing all these pieces of stuff, Billy has to injure some of Nick’s men, including seriously injured a guy named Frank whose mother Marge was also working for Nick. Nick confronts that Roger Klerk ordered him to shoot Billy.

Nick also tells Billy that Roger initially hired Joel Allen to kill his son, Patrick Klerk. Roger prefers very young girls, which Patrick gets to know about, and he managed to get evidence of it.

Patrick also knows that his father is not going to pass his company to him, which gave him another reason to threaten his dad, and started blackmailing his dad for it.

Joel Allen successfully vanished Patrick as planned, but somehow, Joel found out about the blackmail evidence, which manipulated him.

He decided to get some benefit from it. He started troubling Roger. hasRoger wanted Nick to hire someone (Billy) to kill Joel. As Roger got that experience of backstabbing, he also wanted Billy to be dead to prevent a repeat of the Joel Allen situation.

Billy and Alice stay together for a long at Bucky’s place and end his fake book, which had a true story of his life to bring it to the present day. Meanwhile, Billy confronts the fact that Frank lived but now gets seizures and is in pain all the time.

It’s finally time to deal with Klerke. Alice helped him to get in contact with Klerke as planned. They went to Klerke’s place and execute their plan, and Alice shoots klerke.

On their way out, unknowingly Marge,(Frank’s mother) comes out from nowhere and shoots Billy to take her son’s revenge. Billy shoots back, and Marge dies, but Billy was injured badly. Alice and Billy rush off out of the situation.

Billy Summer’s ending explained

Alice and Billy get back to their place. Billy was poorly injured and recognized all his memories and moments of his life and how he has done all the jobs about Alice and all other things. Billy leaves with hopes of becoming a writer. Knowing it’s time to part ways, that night, Billy writes a goodbye letter to Alice. He explains that it’s not good for her to follow him since he’s a “bad man” because of the things he’s done.

He also reminds her that Bucky will be kind to her, but Bucky is also a “bad man” who has done many bad things. Instead, he told her the names attached to two accounts and said that Bucky could access those accounts.

The next day they’re in Nebraska, and Billy seems he’s going to die. He tells Alice about the letter and leaves her soundlessly. Alice continues Billy’s book to convey his thoughts and how she wished he would have survived.

Stephen King talks about his new thriller, ‘Billy Summers’

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Billy Summers Characters

  • BILLY (an ex-army sniper and assassin)
  • ALICE (a young girl who rescued Billy)
  • NICK (Billy’s contractor)
  • JOEL ALLEN (Billy’s target)
  • BUCKY (Billy’s broker and s good friend)
  • FRANK (Nick’s man injured by Billy)
  • MARINE (Frank’s mother)

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