You might be drooling over the Korean content on Netflix, but you might be missing out on some great Spanish content available on the platform!

Severely underrated but truly worthy of your attention – the Spanish shows are just what you need right now!

Best Spanish Shows to Stream on Netflix Now!

You have missed out on a lot for long enough now, and it is time to dip your toes into the world of some extraordinary Spanish dramas waiting for you. 

And hey, we have even sorted the entire library for you. Nevertheless, we will be able to list only our top 10 favorites for now, but stay on the lookout for the updates!

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So, let’s get into the list and find out what you’re watching next! (And no, we are not talking about the basics of ELITE and Money Heist). We are going beyond!

Diablero (2018 – 2020)

Diablero | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
Best Spanish Shows to Stream on Netflix Now

Diablero is the perfect blend of crime thriller with supernatural elements. 

The plot revolves around priest Ramiro and a demon-possessed mechanic, Francisco, who are investigating the potential connection between the Catholic Church and demonic forces. 

It is a fast-paced action-filled drama, with dark humor and a quite unique exploration of faith and the occult. 

Who Killed Sara? (2021 – 2023)

Who Killed Sara?: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Best Spanish Shows to Stream on Netflix Now

This suspenseful mystery follows a man wrongly imprisoned for 18 years for his sister’s murder. Upon release, he makes it his life mission to find out who the real killer is. 

And so begins his journey of uncovering a web of dark secrets and family betrayals. 

The show is high on twists and turns, and you will keep on guessing till the very end. 

The Longest Night (2022)

The Longest Night | Official Trailer | Netflix
Best Spanish Shows to Stream on Netflix Now

This intense thriller takes place within the claustrophobic confines of a psychiatric prison on Christmas Eve. The inmates and guards are all trapped in a violent siege.

With the dark secrets coming to light and the moral lines blurring with every passing moment, you feel the tension crawling through you. 

The character developments are spot on, and the gritty action and high tension make it all worth your time. 

The Innocent (2021)

The Innocent | Official Trailer | Netflix
Best Spanish Shows to Stream on Netflix Now

The Innocent is an emotional drama that explores the aftermath of a tragic accident that leaves Mateo Vidal imprisoned for 9 long years. 

After his release, a new challenge begins where he has to rebuild his life while fighting with the demons from his past – all while uncovering the truth behind the accident.

So, prepare for a thought-provoking story about redemption, guilt, and second chances. 

The Snow Girl (2023)

The Snow Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix
Best Spanish Shows to Stream on Netflix Now

The Snow Girl is based on the bestselling novel of the same name. this is an atmospheric miniseries that takes place in Malaga, Spain, during the time of the blizzard. 

When a young girl’s disappearance sets off a desperate search – it uncovers a network of hidden relationships and past traumas. 

It is a gripping mystery that keeps you guessing with its captivating performances and of course, the chilling setting. 

Someone Has to Die (2020)

Someone Has to Die | Official Trailer | Netflix
Best Spanish Shows to Stream on Netflix Now

Have intrigue, and some family drama collide, and you get Someone Has to Die. This miniseries is set in the 50s Spain. 

When a filthy rich patriarch is found murdered, his seemingly perfect family is now tangled in the webs of jealousy, secrets, and some hidden desires that now come so light.

Oh, the visuals are stunning, and the performances by all characters have you charmed. 

42 Days of Darkness (2022)

42 Days of Darkness is a true crime documentary series that follows the unsolved disappearance of the Vivar family’s mother, Blanca Fernandez Ochoa, back in 2019. 

The investigation and the family’s quest for answers and closure raise questions about media portrayals, gender biases, and the lack of justice. 

Yet another thought-proving series that has to be on your watch list. 

Lies & Deceit (2020)

Simply put, Lies and Deceit is when suspense meets high fashion. It is a glamorous psychological thriller. 

When Laura, a successful lawyer, becomes entangled in the world of deceit and manipulation after her sister’s mysterious death. There are some jaw-dropping betrayals, twists, and turns that make you stay while you get a peek into the glamorous yet ruthless world of luxury and power. 

Stolen Away (2020)

Stolen Away is an emotionally charged drama that tackles the sensitive topic of child abduction and its everlasting impact on families. 

This one, however, is based on a true story of a mother who shows unwavering hope and determination to search for her son, who was kidnapped years ago. 

It is an absolute tearjerker with powerful performances and a message of resilience. 

Alpha Males (2022)

Alpha Male is a dark comedy that aims at toxic masculinity and the stereotyped societal expectations of men. So, when a man cannot project that – it can become a problem in some societies. 

Therefore, Raul, a middle-aged businessman, turns to a controversial self-help group that promises to provide a sufficient boost to unleash the alpha male inside him. 

There’s satire, social commentary, and, most importantly, an exploration of male identity in the modern world.  

It’s a Wrap!

So, get into the world of Spanish content on Netflix, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Do drop your reviews in the comment sections below, or add more suggestions!

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