Best movie of the year
Best movie of the year


“WORST PERSON OF THE WORLD” is one of the best movie of the year 2021. This movie is directed by Joachim Trier. It is a comedy-drama movie starring Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen, Herbert Nordrum in lead roles.

The plot of the Best movie of the year 2021

This movie revolves around Julie (Renate Reinsve) who is a medical student. One day when Julie was looking in her camera roll, she realized that she could be a great photographer and then decides to change her profession.

In an incident when Julie was out with her boyfriend, she met with a comic artist named AKSEL WILLMAN who was 15 years older than her. However, both felt some kind of connection and ended up being in a relationship.

This movie is divided into 12 chapters and every chapter has something interesting for the audience.


Chapter 1: To start their relationship, Julie and Aksel decided to spend some time together at his place. Aksel expressed his idea of going ahead and start thinking about a family with Julie but Julie clearly denied it said she is not sure about it.

Chapter 2: One day when Julie was coming home from her work she stopped at a party where she met Eivind. they both were in a committed relationship but still decides to spend the whole night together.

Chapter 3: Aksel was quite impressed by Julie`s blog based on physical intimacy and convinced her to post it online where it received mixed reactions.

Chapter 4: Julie celebrates her 30th bday at her mother`s place with her mother, grandmother, and Aksel. After some days, Julie with her boyfriend went to visit her father.

Chapter 5: One day at her workplace, Julie met Eivind with his wife. Julie then one day decides to go on a date with Eivind and they both fell in love after coming home she decides to break up with Aksel and leave his apartment.

Chapter 6: In chapter 6, Eivind and Sunniva`s relationship was presented in front of the audience.

 CHAPTER 7: After breaking up with Sunniva, Julie and Eivind started living together.

Chapter 8: Eivind arranged a party where Julie after eating some magic mushrooms started throwing dirty tampons towards her father and revealed why she is scared of having a baby.

Chapter 9: One day at the gym, Julie saw Aksel`s interview where he was seen defending himself against a feminist critique. He defended himself in a good way which impressed Julie.

Chapter 10: Aksel`s brother met Julie at her work and confessed to her that Aksel is having incurable pancreatic cancer.

Chapter 11: Julie got to know that she is pregnant and despite telling it to Eivind, she went to the hospital to meet Aksel and told him about her pregnancy. Later that evening, Julie told Eivind about her pregnancy and they mutually decided to separate their paths.

Chapter 12: This chapter is all about Julie`s miscarriages and Aksel`s condition.

Julie after some time started working with a film company as a photographer where she saw Eivind with an actress and one child, seemingly theirs.

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