Best FIFA World Cup Movies 2022: Soccer lovers have a lot to look forward to this Christmas season with the FIFA World Cup 2022 coming up quickly. There are lots of soccer films—or football movies, as many of these movies would say—to view in advance of the game action, in case you need a little more excitement.

“FIFA’s goal of making the world a better place through football cannot be achieved through our efforts alone – equally important is the power which every fan of the beautiful game has at their disposal.”

– Sepp Blatter

Having said that, it is no secret that there are numerous films and television programs on football due to its immense popularity. Furthermore, you can easily stream some of the top PG-rated football movies with your family.

Here is the list of the Best FIFA World Cup Movies:

Movie NameYearIMDb RatingAge Rating
Pelé: Birth of a Legend20167.1/10PG
Mean Machine20016.4/10R
Fever Pitch19976.7/10R
Cristiano Ronaldo: The One and Only20206.5/10N/A
Bend It Like Beckham20026.7/10PG- 13
Montevideo, God Bless You!20108.2/10N/A
Kicking & Screaming20145.6/10PG
The Game of Their Lives20056.1/10PG
Goal! (Trilogy)2005, 2007, 20083.2-6.7/10PG, PG-13
Best FIFA World Cup Movies

Pelé: Birth of a Legend (2016)

Pelé_ Birth of a Legend (2016)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- Pelé_ Birth of a Legend (2016)

The life of Brazilian soccer player Pelé is highlighted in this movie, as is his journey to the 1958 FIFA World Cup victory. Although it was criticized for being overly sentimental, it does provide fans with a compelling look inside the life of a soccer hero.

Mean Machine (2001)

Mean Machine (2001)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- Mean Machine (2001)

This film, which is a version of Adam Sandler’s The Longest Yard, stars Vinnie Jones (who played soccer professionally from 1984 to 1999) as a prisoner who organizes a team to play against the guards. It came out in 2001, four years before Sandler’s remake of the 1974 movie.

Fever Pitch (1997)

Fever Pitch (1997)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- Fever Pitch (1997)

Colin Firth plays a soccer-obsessed man in this movie. Given that soccer fans have been engrossed in World Cup games for nearly a month, it is partially based on a memoir and offers a familiar tale. You can be mistaken with the 2005 version starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon (which focused on the Boston Red Sox instead of Arsenal), Just don’t fall for it. 

Cristiano Ronaldo: The One and Only (2020)

Cristiano Ronaldo_ The One and Only (2020)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- Cristiano Ronaldo_ The One and Only (2020)

On Thursday, Nov. 10, Ronaldo was nominated to Portugal’s World Cup roster, giving him a total of five appearances, tying a record maintained by four former players. With 191 appearances for Portugal, Ronaldo also holds the male player record for most international appearances in Europe. His ascent to fame is chronicled in this documentary.

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)
Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

Bend It Like Beckham, a timeless movie from the early 2000s follows two young girls as they pursue soccer careers against the advice of their parents. David Beckham has a cameo appearance in the film, which is perhaps among the most well-known soccer movies in the country.

Montevideo, God Bless You! (2010)

Montevideo, God Bless You! (2010)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- Montevideo, God Bless You! (2010)

An account of one team’s decision to pursue a dream that leads them to the 1930 First World Football Championship in Montevideo, Uruguay They have a dream that will make them real stars and living legends. It stars Miloš Biković and Petar Strugar in the direction of Dragan Bjelogrlić.

Kicking & Screaming (2014)

Kicking & Screaming (2014)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- Kicking & Screaming (2014)

Will Ferrell plays a youth soccer coach in this 2005 sports comedy in an effort to compete against his father’s highly competitive team. It is a timeless choice to remind supporters of the enjoyment and lightheartedness that can be found in soccer. It is said to as an “entertaining family movie.”

The Game of Their Lives (2005)

The Game of Their Lives (2005)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- The Game of Their Lives (2005)

The Game of Their Lives is based on the true account of the U.S. soccer team during the 1950s FIFA World Cup, which has been adapted from Geoffrey Douglas’ 1996 book. The team defeated England 1-0 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, during the FIFA World Cup, despite all odds.

The narrative centers on how the guys who made up this team of underdogs were formed by their familial customs and interests. One squad came from St. Louis, Missouri, area of The Hill. From Fall River, Massachusetts’ Corky Row neighborhood, another group arrived.

Offside (2006)

Offside (2006)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- Offside (2006)

Although many Iranian ladies share the same passion for soccer as their compatriots and sports fans worldwide, they are unable to watch live soccer matches in Iran due to legal restrictions. The story of a group of Iranian girls trying to see their team’s World Cup qualification match against Bahrain at the stadium in Tehran is chronicled in Jafar Panahi’s OFFSIDE, which was inspired by the incident in which his own daughter was turned away from a soccer stadium in Iran.

Unified solely by their desire to watch their favorite team play live and in person, a diverse group of girls risks arrests in a variety of methods to try to enter the game.

The girls are taken to a holding area on the upper level of the stadium where they are tortured by being able to hear the roar of the crowd without being able to see what is happening in the match. The girls are either caught trying to get in or are spotted in the crowd once they get past the entry guards.

Goal! (Trilogy: 2005, 2007, and 2008)

Goal! (Trilogy_ 2005, 2007, and 2008)
Best FIFA World Cup Movies- Goal! (Trilogy_ 2005, 2007, and 2008)

The films in this series, which were released between 2005 and 2008, follow Santiago Munez as he makes his way toward competing in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the Champions League final, and the UEFA Champions League.

Santiago wants to be a professional soccer player, but his father wants him to work and provide for the family. Between his passion and his family’s needs, Santiago must decide. During playing for Newcastle United, he signs a contract to play for Real Madrid. His decision, nevertheless, causes a number of behavioral changes, and his allegiance to his friends and family is put to the test.

Following the training for the FIFA World Cup Finals of Charlie Braithwaite and Liam Adams, two of Santiago Munez’s closest pals.

We hope that you must enjoy watching these movies. These would be available on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, FuboTV, HBO, Tubi, or Disney.

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