Best Easter Bunny Movies for kids Top Easter Bunny Films
Best Easter Bunny Movies for kids Top Easter Bunny Films

Best Easter Bunny Movies for kids | Top Easter Bunny Films

See here Easter Bunny Movies. You can see the all Top Easter Bunny Movies. More of the movies are comedy and you can watch these movies with your family and kids to make your Easter more joyful with Easter Bunny movies.

May this Easter will bring lots of Gifts and Surprises for you all and fill your day with Joy and Happiness.

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Best Bunny Movies for Kids

Easter Bunny Adventure


Easter Bunny is an adventure movie that first came on the screen in 2017 and the movie director is Evan Tramel.

As described in the name, in this movie, you will see the adventurous Journey of the Easter Bunny to find out the most amazing and best Easter egg on his fabulous red and yellow air balloon with one of his friend who is going to help him to hunt the best easter and they went to the fairy tale valley, be a part of Bunny’s journey on this Easter.

The runtime of the Easter Bunny adventure is 1h 14 minutes, and children of all age groups can watch the movie.

Veggie tales: Twas The Night Before Easter

VeggieTales Twas the Night Before Easter Trailer
VeggieTales: Twas the Night Before Easter

Veggie tales: Twas The Night Before Easter director is Mike Nawrocki. The running time of the movie is 47 minutes.

This is the time of Easter in the crisper county but an old theater in the town is about to close because of its unpopularity.

But a young girl Marlee Meade is not happy to hear that and she does not want it to get closed and Marlee wishes that she could do something to help people and for the theater and suddenly she got an idea that with the help of her friends she can convert it in a musical theater.

She included townspeople and Robbo Rabbit and her friend Louis for an Easter eve production. Will her plan to save the theater work? to know this watch the movie on this easter.

The age rating of Veggie tales: Twas The Night Before Easter is TV-Y7.  The runtime of the movie is 50 minutes.

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The Netflix TV 2011 movie HOP  lunch in the USA and the movie is directed by Tim Hill. It is a family comedy/movie.

The FIlm about a rabbit on an Easter island named E.B who wants to be a drummer and decided to run from easter island and go to Hollywood to make his dream come true and become a drummer.

E.B then hit by a car and free take him to recover and the side E.B’s father wants to find out him and he sent his guard to find out E.B while E.B got an idea that he will fake his death so that his father’s guard can stop searching him.

But the guard took Fred to Easter island as they think he killed E.B and he is about to punish to kill E.B but E.B is now feeling guilty and he was sad about his friend and wants to go back to Easter island to save his friend to get punished. Will he reach on time to know this watch the movie.

Hop is a PG-rated movie, The film runtime is 1h 35mins so you can have fun with your whole family on this Easter with this movie.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail 1917


Here comes Peter Cottontail an animated movie and the film produces by a production company named Rankin/Bass animated entertainment movie.

Peter cottontail was chosen to become a Chief Easter Bunny by the current chief of the April valley but iron tail a bad bunny also wants to be a Chief Easter Bunny because he wants to spoil Easter for everyone to seek revenge because some of the children’s cut his tail and now he is using an artificial tail.

So, to become a chief easter bunny he challenges Peter for competition between Peter and him that who will deliver more easter eggs will become the new chief easter bunny.

But Peter loosed the challenge because a night before the competition he was not sleeping and doing a party with his friends because of this carelessness he was feeling sleepy during the contest as a result of this wins and he becomes the new chief easter bunny.

Peter felt very bad and guilty was ashamed and he left the iron valley and found someone who delivered a time machine.

Now Peter got the time machine so he can deal with iron tail, to know that how Peter turns the table watch the movie Here Comes Peter cottontail 1917.

The age rating of Here comes Peter Cottontail is 4+, The film runtime is 50 minutes.

Film Hank and Mike

Hank and Mike
Hank & Mike

Hank & Mike doing a job as Easter bunnies in a company however, their pair was so mismatched because both were so mismatched from each other and their work was to deliver Easter eggs to everyone doorstep but at one time the company was at loss and decided to fire some bunnies from the Job because Hank & Mike were doing the job from 1 year they are fired as they were less experienced from all of the easter bunnies.

After losing the job they tried to find some other job where everyone asked them about their specialty but they were not good at anything and got failed in every job. By fighting their depression anger and also fighting with each other they realized that their friendship is more important than anything.

Film Hank and The Mike is  R-rated movie and the age rating is decided by the board so the children under the age of 17 are restricted to watch the movie and the runtime of the movie is 1h 26min.

The Dog Who Saved Easter

The dog who saved easter
The dog who saved Easter

Zeus the doggie is left with Alice a doggy daycare by Bannisters go on vacations and they are unable to take Zeus with them. Alice is a loving owner of the dog carer company, initially, Zeus was scared but sooner he got some new friends.

But met with some old enemies who want Alice to get closed due to their business but Zeus will stop them from doing the same with Alice and some other friends because he needs to save Easter.

The dog Who Saved Easter isPG-rated movie and the runtime of a movie is 1h 27min.

Best Easter Bunny Movies for Kids

Best Easter Bunny Movies for kids Top Easter Bunny Films
Best Easter Bunny Movies for kids Top Easter Bunny Films

All are top Easter Bunny Movies, If you think any movie is missing or we have to use any name in this list, So you can write the name in the comment box. So here is the list of Best Easter Bunny Movies for kids. Now You can also watch the Top Easter Bunny Films for kids with their age rating with your kids.

Note:- If you think any movie name is missing so you can write in the comment box. Your comments can make a happy smile for others. 

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