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Beowulf is rated PG-13.

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Beowulf Parents Guide | Beowulf Age Rating

Beowulf is a 3D computer-animated fantasy action film directed and co-produced by Robert Zemeckis.

Production companies are Paramount Pictures, Shangri-La Entertainment, ImageMovers.

Beowulf is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sexual material and nudity.

PG-13 – Some shown content in the film may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

Beowulf Parents Guide

Why Beowulf is rated PG-13 ?

Mild Nudity can be seen in some scenes. A woman’s dress is laced up the front and cleavage is visible.
Many people are shown drinking mead until the point of drunkenness in several scenes.
Some Violence, A creature is shown dragging two bodies back to its cave.
A flying creature looks like a dragon with large sharp teeth and enormous wings and it blows fire.
A man reaches for a woman and pulls on her arm while asking for a kiss, but she pulls away.
A female creature speaks seductively to a man and asks him to give her a son.
Grendel’s screams can be frightening to young viewers.
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Beowulf Release date

The film Beowulf was released on 16 November 2007.

Official Poster and Details


Beowulf Parents Guide
Beowulf Parents Guide

Movie Name Beowulf
Genre Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Age Rating PG-13
Release date 16 November 2007
Runtime 1hr 55min
Director Robert Zemeckis
Official website Paramount

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